Almost all boating enthusiasts know that the Carolina Skiffs are versatile, economical, durable, and stable that could be found at ZeBoats. This reputed brand has kept its image at the top of the bar for more than 30+ years. Carolina Skiff has produced over more than 5500+ vessels the previous year in numerous designs and sizes ranging from 14 to 28 feet in length.

What Are Skiffs?

The term “Skiff” refers to the number of necessarily unrelated styles of smaller sized boats. These are river craft, or coastal craft meant for leisure on a traditional context. It also fits for fishing and utility craft. It consists of one person or a small crew when it comes to accommodation. Sailing skiffs have developed into high performing competitive classes.

About Them

Carolina skiffs offer a multitude of features from fit to finish. They also carry top-notch functionality and are the best in the boating market right now. You can expect guaranteed high value both in comfort and performance with these boats. There are over 16 models of Carolina boats right now. It gives you the chance to pick from a list of the finest models.

We are positive that you will find your ideal boat from these 16 models. It will meet all of your commercial, personal, and recreational needs. It does not matter whether you are on the lookout for a commercial/workboat, family boat, or even a fishing boat. Carolina skiffs models have got you covered all the time. The brand is known for delivering style, value, and quality at all times.

All of its models are unique and perfect in design. They are well-rounded in almost all aspects of the boating market. Here are some mutual highlights of all their models:

  • Durability – Their models carry the system of integrated fiberglass stringer. This specific feature creates a durable and solid hull, which is fully free from wood. The hull is also incredibly non-flexing. You can expect their boats to last without damages for a very long time.
  • Floatation – It has the characteristic of foam floatation that exceeds all the coast guard requirements. It offers a positive floatation required for quick planning and shallow draft characteristics.
  • Certification – You might not be aware of this, but the brand is extremely safe and reliable. Why? All of the models have garnered certification from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA). It successfully adheres to the highest quality of standards within the U.S. Marine industry.
  • Balance – The stability of these boats is another major highlight. It has a proper weight balance that allows the boat hulls of Carolina skiffs to self-bail. However, there is no full guarantee that all the models will self-bail under all of the conditions.
  • Performance – One thing you can expect for sure with these boats is that they don’t underperform. All of their boats are high-performing and live up to all the hype and expectations. These boats require very little or no outboard engine trim concerning proper performance.
  • Warranty – The Company warrants the construction of the hull’s bottom against separation or delamination for ten years. It applies to the 2024 models and newer while providing that the integrity of the floor and hull isn’t facing damages due to improper usage.

Protection Preventing Hull Blisters

Hull blisters come into formation whenever the water molecules fall into a trap between the 1st layer of fiberglass and the Gelcoat. The pressure coming from the molecules during its release easily expands. It expands between the 1st layer of the fiberglass and the Gelcoat. It pushes forward the Gelcoat into a dome and forms what is known as Osmosis or Hull Blisters.

Carolina Skiff, Limited Liability Company (LLC) recommends applying bottom paint (barrier protection) to your boat if in case your boat is present in the water for an extended period. It can be for weeks and months, all, especially in warmer water. By applying for barrier protection as a preventative measure is a brilliant move. It would help prevent the development of Osmosis (Hull Blisters) forming within the hull’s wet surface.

It is important to speak with your aggressor boats or sea chaser dealer of locally authorized Carolina skiff for preventing hull blisters. The warranty of Carolina Skiff, LLC. Do not apply to the Hull blisters, stress cracks, and Gelcoat finish but not limited discoloration and fading. You should see your aggressor boats or sea chaser dealer of Carolina Skiff for garnering more details.

All 16 Models of Carolina Skiff

Name Length Beam Weight Draft
162 JLS 16’2” 76” 1372 LBS 6”
17 LS 16’2” 96” 1900 LBS 7”
178 JLS 17’8” 76” 1400 LBS 6”
19 LS 19’0” 96” 1904 LBS 7”
19 SWS 19’1” 93” 2192 LBS 4”
19 Ultra Elite 18’11” 96” 2266 LBS 8”
192 JLS 19’2” 76” 1716 LBS 6”
21 LS 21’2” 96” 2100 LBS 7”
21 LS Sport & Fish DC 21’2” 96” 2255 LBS 7”
21 SWS 20’10” 93” 2351 LBS 4”
21 Ultra Elite 20’9” 96” 2636 LBS 8”
23 LS 23’2” 96” 2550 LBS 7”
23 Ultra Elite 22’11” 100” 3000 LBS 8”
24 Ultra Elite 23’11” 96” 3277 LBS 8”
25 LS 24’10” 96” 2700 LBS 7”

Summing It Up!

All family fun and fishing start with this boat. It is the homely abode for the top fiberglass outboard-powered brand of boats in North America. It doesn’t matter whether you are hitting the top spots for family fishing or an off-shore adventure. The boats of Carolina skiff provide the best USA cruising and fishing boats at the lowest prices without compromising the quality.