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It may not be the first place on earth that you consider when you think about gambling, but Canada is a huge player in the online gambling world. While the likes of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, London, and Atlantic City come to mind when most people think of glamorous casinos and gambling hubs, Canada has gone somewhat under the radar in regard to its allure for the veteran gambler. To the average Joe, Canada doesn’t spring to mind when they think about gambling hotspots. But there are a few good reasons as to why this may change in the near future.

The reason Canada has become a popular gambling destination in recent years is mainly due to its considerably more relaxed gambling rules when compared to its neighbors. This doesn’t just mean that physical brick and mortar casinos benefit from these rules, but online gambling sites too. Canadian online casinos have proved to have a serious allure for those bitten by the gambling bug, and who could blame them? You can by yourself verify and check for example, which offers a huge quantity and variety of casino games, even the ones that you couldn’t dream of in a land-based casino, such as Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher.

With such an array of games available, many of which are not even available in the physical counterparts, the digital brethren of the classic casino were destined to be a success once the digital infrastructure was put in place.

Whereas the idea of putting out a slightly ‘wacky’ or unorthodox version of a game would be seen as a bit of a gamble (excuse the pun) in a brick and mortar casino, digital versions can be experimented with more freely. If they prove popular, then they get to stay, if they don’t, they simply get replaced with something else. To do this requires very little hassle or fuss on behalf of the proprietor. Counter this with the idea of replacing physical tables in a physical casino, and you will understand why variety is most certainly a strong point of the digital version.

1. An unparalleled selection of games

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While brick and mortar casinos have a finite amount of space in which to showcase their variety of games, online casinos have no such restrictions. As such, online casinos are more than happy to provide a whole plethora of gaming options, in essence, throwing a huge amount of mud at the wall and seeing what sticks. Popular games remain on their servers, while others simply get replaced with new options if nobody is playing them. This attitude has resulted in reams of games from the old classics, to new twists upon the classics, as well as new games that lean heavily towards a style reminiscent of smartphone games that the public most likely already knows and loves. Having a range like this available not only keeps the hardcore old-school gamblers happy but can also lure in new customers who are just curious as to what the gambling world has to offer.

2. Casino Bonuses

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While physical casinos can sometimes throw in the occasional free drink, or perhaps list the famous atmosphere and hospitality within their walls as part of an appealing deal, for many punters, these welcome bonuses and free spins are the number one head-turning element that any casino could throw at them. Slot fanatics are finding the online casino hard to beat.

It will come as no surprise to you that running a digital casino is far cheaper than running a physical one. The savings that digital casinos make in comparison are not only good for the companies that run then, but these savings are often passed on to their customer base in the form of free spins on slot machines, signup credits, and perhaps most importantly of all, welcome bonuses. Finding a physical casino that can compete in this area is not only tough but pretty much impossible. This element of online gambling is popular with veterans and relatively new gamblers alike. Who doesn’t like bonuses, after all?

3. Ease of access

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Convenience is a factor that is often overlooked, but it is an important one, nonetheless. If casino games happen to scratch an itch, then having access to a casino from a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop cannot be overstated. This also allows for long sessions at the virtual casinos when home and free for the evening, as well as quick bursts of betting goodness when on a commute. The fact you can log on anytime, for as little or if you want is a major reason the digital casino has slowly become just as important as the brick and mortar versions.

While there are some drawbacks when compared to the physical versions, digital casinos have been increased in popularity exponentially in recent years. It’s true that you might not have quite the same atmosphere, and perhaps the glitz and glamour associated with the physical casino life are lacking a touch in the digital realm, but the convenience and the range of games, have propelled online casinos to a level of popularity that is virtually unrivaled.

And whilst there are plenty of countries that allow online gambling (and even those that don’t are often only a VPN away from joining in the fun), Canada and its relaxed view on how people spend their time in the betting world is sure to become an even more notorious player at the digital poker table as time goes on, and more people turn to the internet for their gambling kick. This, of course, doesn’t mean it is the end of the road for the brick and mortar casino. For those special nights out with friends and family, the real deal cannot be replicated. But for those other times when it isn’t convenient to travel, you don’t have the time, or simply want a quick go at the slot, online casinos have got you covered.