Online casinos are a world phenomenon. They are so widespread that online casino games are played in every country of the world. Yes, there are probably places where the internet hasn’t arrived yet, but it is only a matter of time. We simply live in an age when it is easy to play. We have the web, and we have our mobile devices. It is possible to play on the go. At home or work. You know it already. Playing casino games was never easier. Back in the day we only had land-based casinos.

Today, we have a casino at the palm of our hands on our smartphones via apps. This is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet – online gambling. Technology made it possible to play without boundaries. There is no difference between standard and online casinos. The latter only have many different perks and advantages. Sitting on your couch with a laptop in your lap and playing poker is only one of them. Playing from home changed the landscape of gambling. Back in the day, you could claim that Las Vegas, Nevada was the biggest gambling city and you wouldn’t be wrong.

What about today? Do you have any idea which countries play the most online casino games? The results will surprise you. As we said, this activity is now a global phenomenon. Every corner of the world is covered by an online casino. This is great news. All of us love to indulge ourselves in a little bit of gambling. The best part is that the high competition between casinos brought the quality of the games to another level. If you don’t trust us feel free to check out what the offer looks like at

Now that you have done that, you can move on with our article and find out which country is the leader in the domain of online gambling. Casinos these days spin non-stop, and that is what makes them so great. Time and space have almost no boundaries anymore. No time zones or weather calamities can’t stop a gambler from enjoying. But, who is the most persistent gambler? Keep reading and find out.



Are you surprised? This South American Country is the leader in this domain. The land of Samba is also the leader in online poker communities. So, for Brazilians football is no longer the number one sport. Joking aside, they still adore football, but gambling comes in close second place. Almost one hundred million Brazilians visit online casinos every month.


The second place belongs to a country a little bit more northerly than Brazil. Mexico comes in second with almost 50 million monthly users. The land of tequila and sombreros has a new hobby. Are you surprised that Latin America rules in this domain? You can be, but what’s more staggering is the fact that Brazil has almost double the number of users compared to the second place. This might not come as a surprise to those who know that Brazil also has doubled the size in population.


A little bit lower living standard can’t stop gamblers. After all, the sole goal of gambling is to win some money. This must be the drive behind more than 40 million monthly players in Nigeria. This is one of the most developed countries in Africa so it’s no wonder that they indulge themselves in online gambling. Yes, Nigeria has its problems, as most African countries do, but the web spread out is not one of them.



Only a while back online gambling was forbidden by law in many US states. Today, the laws and legislations are slowly backing down and gambling is not only tied to Nevada and Atlantic City. Also, online gambling made it possible for many Americans to play in offshore casinos. All of this combined led to more than 30 million monthly users based in the United States. We can only expect this number to grow in the coming years as even more states adopt laws that allow online gambling for residents.


The USA and UK often go hand in hand. These two countries share cultural heritage and when it comes to online gambling they are quite similar. Yes, the US has a bigger population, but the UK has fewer laws forbidding gambling. So, the number of online gamblers per month is almost identical. The US has a little bit over 30 million while the UK almost reaches this number per month.


We’re talking about one of the most technologically developed places in the world. Japan is the world’s tech leader and no one comes close. This was the case for many years in the past. Their online gambling network is quite widespread, and this country which is not large by territory is massive when it comes to population. Many Japanese people love to play at online casinos. On a monthly basis, this number almost comes close to 30 million. That’s right, they are on par with both the UK and USA.



As you can see, online gambling is present in both more and less-developed countries. Simply, it knows no boundaries. When it comes to all forms of gambling Canada is much more open than their southern neighbors. So it’s a wonder they generate almost twenty million monthly users. Yes, they’re tracking back behind some of the leaders, but they also have much less population to work with.


This European and Middle East country at the same time is a geographical wonder. It lies a little bit in Europe and a little bit in Asia. But, they love to enjoy themselves the same way as any of the other countries in the world. Online gambling is present and Turks know it. They generate more than fifteen million monthly users. For a country of their population, this is quite a number.

The Balkans

Yes, this is not a country but a peninsula but it deserves special mention due to the number of gamblers it generates. It is also quite similar in language and mentality that it is easy to put Serbs, Croats, Montenegrins, Bulgarians, Romanians, and Greeks into the same pot. Together these countries generate almost twenty million monthly users.