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Wedding invitations are about to start rolling in with the peak wedding season upon us. These occasions are fun and extremely enjoyable; however, big events can always be stressful and overwhelming due to the confusion that comes along with what to wear. Choosing the right dress to wear requires bearing many factors in mind. Striking a balance between looking fab and making sure that you dress appropriately for the occasion, venue, and the theme is essential to rock your wedding outfit. Getting to attend your loved ones proclaiming their love for their significant other is one of the most pleasing highlights in our lives.

That’s why we have collected some of the most important tips right here that will make the task easier and help you in picking the perfect wedding attire.

Take a hint and never wear white

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This tip might seem outdated nowadays to many people who don’t mind wearing white or even allowing guests to wear white at their own weddings. However, it goes without saying, you should steer away from wearing a white dress regardless of how you feel about this or your relationship with the happy couple. Even the most fashionable dresses for mothers of the bride and groom that have been displayed here as options that are currently in style don’t have any white dresses. This should give you a clue to stay away from picking a white one for any wedding you attend.

A black dress is always a good option

While some people might feel that black dresses aren’t suitable for weddings, they are still considered to be perfect for any occasion, venue, and time to others. You can never go wrong with a short black one, even if it’s a formal daytime wedding. Unless you are attending a casual beach or a color-themed wedding. If you are having doubts about whether it’s too short or not, then it probably is. The recommended length for a short dress should be the length of your arm when it’s extended down against your legs.

Dress code is there to help

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The first and most important tip on what to wear to a wedding is found in the invitation you receive. Some people stress out because of the wedding dress code, while they actually should be relieved as it saves you the trouble of wondering which direction to go in, in terms of color and theme. This will help you greatly in deciding what to wear.

  • Smart casual: For beach and outdoor weddings, the most commonly used dress code is smart casual. Right here, you can let yourself go with a skirt and a cute top, a maxi flowy dress topped with a flower tiara, or you can choose to go with a day dress or pants and a dressy top.
  • Semi-Formal: This is one of the most confusing styles that might overwhelm you on what to wear. However, you can consider the day and time of the wedding and pick your attire accordingly. Lighter color dresses are perfect for daytime weddings. These colors are even trending this season. For those that are held in the evening, you could pick rich, warm, and darker tones for your dress and top your outfit with the right footwear.
  • Black Tie: This is one of the most popular and formal dress codes for weddings. It’s recommended to choose a maxi dressier cocktail dress that will break the necks of the attendants.

Consider the location

The location of the wedding should be the leading factor that helps you in choosing the right outfit. For example, if it is in a barn, then it doesn’t make sense to dress in a flowy maxi dress with 13-inch heeled shoes. It’s okay to dress more casually. However, in ballrooms, your wedding attire should be formal without neglecting the elegance factor. Boho tall dresses, on the other hand, will only go perfectly with beach weddings. At church, you should consider picking a dress that is more modest. You can also bring a shawl or a pashmina to cover your shoulder in the church and then you can take it off after. These examples should give you an idea of how the location has a huge saying in what to pick for a wedding outfit.

Never steal the bride’s thunder

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The majority of brides spend their days dreaming about their weddings and how they will look on their special day. It’s what most girls dream of. That’s why you should take into consideration what the bride will be wearing and ensure that you don’t top that by any means-  eyes should always be on the bride. You can still pick a beautiful dress that makes you feel good and comfortable, however, don’t pick something that will make you outshine the bride regardless of your relationship with her.

Pick something comfortable

After considering all the important factors that go into picking the right wedding outfit, there is one thing that you should never forget; your own comfort matters more than how the dress looks. Many people prioritize looking good more than feeling good. When your dress suits your size and highlights your beauty, you will feel more beautiful than having to pick a dress just because it is trending in the fashion world.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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If you feel like the wedding invitation is vague and didn’t give you any clues on what to wear, it’s okay to seek guidance. You can reach out to the bride or the guests of honors and mention that you are not sure of the dress code. You can ask for recommendations. This is the best thing about these occasions, everyone is more than willing to help. So, don’t be shy to reach out and ask for help.

Attending weddings are just as much a memorable experience for those attending it as it is for the couple getting married. Picking the right outfit will not only make you look great, but it will also help you to feel good. Make sure to consider the location and venue, dress code, and the other aforementioned tips to make choosing the right wedding attire easier.