The FireStick developed by Amazon is a media streaming player similar to Apple TV. These FireSticks have reinvented the way you watch TV and have enabled streaming services on your devices.

These streaming services have some free versions but mostly are premium channels which are not so cheap. So, people have resorted to Jailbreaking to watch their favorite channels completely free of cost. 

1Jailbreaking Your Amazon FireStick


Jailbreaking is nothing but getting access to a device using a host of tools, the rights of which normal users don’t enjoy. The term was used to describe iOS applications which super scribed iTunes rights on music and movies. 

Jailbreaking FireStick means to install some media software on your FireStick like Kodi. You don’t need any modifications or hacks to install a media server on a Fire Stick TV.

Jailbreaking your stick involves installing this third-party software to gain access to your applications. You can do it yourself and avoid paying the heavy subscription fees that come with the premium channels on Amazon.

The Jailbroken Firesticks are extremely trendy options so there are websites which charge for breaking your stick. According to this tutorial, there is step by step guides which will help you to understand the process of breaking the FireSticks.

2Jailbroken with Kodi


Kodi is a powerful third-party software that you can install on your FireSticks to jailbreak them. First, you have to allow FireStick to install third-party apps on your system by choosing the debugging option and allowing the apps from unknown sources.

Download the APK File using a downloader option. In the URL enter your search criteria and click on the download button. This will open a website with various Kodi applications and choose the 32-bit option and your download will start. Click on the install button once your download is complete.

You need to install third-party add-ons to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and live sports for free in HD streaming.

3Is Jailbreaking your FireStick Legal & Safe?


It is not illegal to jailbreak your FireStick but it is important to know how you plan to use your device. If you are using your FireStick to watch contents you would typically pay for then it is not illegal.

In this case, you are using the plugin services that companies typically make available anyways. There are hundreds of free contents available which will give you access to free content but breaching the wall can invite big legal issues.

It is advisable not to watch pirated contents via Jailbreaking. You can also install VPN to mask your ID and these protect you from legal issues. Many VPNs also offer a money-back guarantee and most of these are safe to use using Jailbreaking apps.  Misusing Jailbreaking can land you in deep trouble. 

Jailbreaking apps are easy and affordable but you always need to tow the legal lines while downloads your favorite shows. The process is completely devoid of any risks and installing hugely popular apps won’t cost you anything. The information provided in this article will help you to understand the process and elevate your entertainment experience.