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The rankings in the search engine results are the necessary foundation of online businesses. There are several criteria used to rank pages in search engine results. While we may not know all the criteria used, there are always hints on what to focus on and what to disregard whenever search engines such as Google update their ranking algorithms. However, one thing remains indisputable; your position in the search engine ranking is essential and significantly determines the success of your online business.

In general, the first page of the Google Search results always features the top ten sites. The chances of potential clients going to the subsequent pages of search results are often minimal. This means if you attain a top position, you stand higher chances of attracting traffic to your site. There is always one common thing about the sites that feature on the first page; they do not take too much time to load. Also, the quality of the content is always higher. This is attributed to the best SEO practices, and that is why most organizations hire SEO specialists or agencies, such as In this blog, we are going to discuss the seven most important things that can make SEO better. Let us begin right away.

Prioritizing Quality of Content

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For so long, the quality of content has been the most dominant aspect of SEO. It is evident that Google and other search engines want to offer users credible and convincing content depending on their search topics. The quality of content is highly appreciated, and any compromise may lead to the expulsion of the site. Obviously, the quality of content cannot be the same. For instance, there are spammy and non-spammy contents. If you personally write your content, then you are better placed. The quality of content is important in determining the time users are going to spend on your site as well as drawing more direct traffic. Have you ever had someone saying they don’t want to have authoritative content in their sites? Work on the quality of your content and make sure it offers the most relevant and valuable information. Providing valueless content can have devastating impacts on your site.

Longer Content

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Word count has never been a ranking factor. But does this mean it doesn’t matter? Not at all. Indeed, the search engine will not rank your site based on only content. Short content has the same ranking capacity as a long content. Nevertheless, this does not imply that you should focus on shorter content. Good content provides sufficient and convincing information that meets the expectations of the individuals searching. This can be achieved with 600 words or 6000. In other words, it is for you to make an appropriate judgment. According to a study by Backlinko, long content often receives about 77.2% more links compared to shorter ones. For this reason, longer content is more appropriate for backlink acquisition, which translates to enhanced organic search results as well. Importantly, content with more words is likely to target a lot of relevant search queries. Simply put, writing longer content is much better. Just ensure you avoid the fluff and focus on providing relevant information insightfully.

Optimization of Image Alt Text

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Image alt text has also been an integral part of SEO optimization for so long. For a while now, there have been talks on the use of machine learning to interpret an image, which has always been the role of alt text. Is alt text now useless? Not at all! You cannot lose anything if you opt to include alt text in your images. While at text has been there for long, machine learning is still very new. Optimizing your image with alt text is important, apart from being a fantastic way of playing safe.

Considering AMP

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With increasing mobile searches, AMP has become more necessary. It is worth it because it increases ranking in one way or another. In fact, there has been a drastic surge in the AMP adoption rate. For instance, at least b31 million domains have adopted it within the last year. There is a change in SEO from desktop computers to a small mobile screen. Failure to adopt it means you are lagging behind.

Focusing on the Audience

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According to, you need to know your audience to develop an appropriate SEO strategy. You cannot provide content to the audience you don’t know anything about. You also need to know your competitors and where they primarily do their business. Importantly, you need to examine how competitors using their SEO strategy and who among them are the fiercest. This will help you design the most appropriate SEO strategy.

Keyword Search

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Keyword search is critical when it comes to pinpointing the most appropriate user intent you need to go after as well as determining what exactly your audience is looking for. What the audience searches and how they do that is critical. A subtle adjustment in keyword research might make or destroy an SEO strategy.

Moreover, narrowing keyword focus can also help. Knowing the keywords customers use to search for your commodities is vital, yet having excess is ineffective. Too many keywords can make your website look robotic and quite unnatural. This may overwhelm readers, mainly due to jargon. Anything that looks difficult tom either read or understand may make the entire content unrecognizable. Clients will not stay on your site.


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Even though HTTPS has a small effect on ranking, you need it. While HTTPS is not a requirement for you to be indexed by the search engine, you need an SSL certificate. You can visit to secure the multiple subdomains.
If you get into any site, Google often indicates whether it is secure or not. What do you think will be the effect if your visitors are notified that your website is not secure? Definitely, they are more likely to leave.  If you intend to make SEO better, you should ensure your site is secure.

The Bottom Line

SEO is crucial for your online presence as well as the visibility of your site. We have considered the 7 most important things that make SEO better. Let us know what you think by commenting below, and we will be glad to respond to you. Thank you!