In the online casino industry, there are loads of games sure to catch the attention of both low and high-rolling players. Real money players visit the casino primarily for one reason – to win money – so sometimes, aesthetics may not be a determining factor when selecting games.

Some slots have gone the extra mile in features, gimmicks, and even storytelling. Sometimes they turn out amazing, other times it appears the developers’ creativity may have taken a wrong turn.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at ten weird slots available on online casinos.

The 10 Weirdest Online Slots

1. Karate Pig


Well, if you gave meaning to this slot game with its name, you’re correct. This slot features a pig that does karate. Who, why, and how does this pig fight karate? No one knows, and we’re not in the mood to ask questions either.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. The extra feature that comfortably places this slot in our list of weird is the fact that there’s a cute-looking raccoon who loves to get drunk on impulse. Whilst I find this amusing, this game is as odd as it gets!

2. Forbidden Slot


From the name, you can already tell that it’s going to be an unusual game. Seeing that the world has embraced same-sex relationships, scenes of women making out were not really surprising. However, things get a little bit weirder after spending a considerable amount of time playing the game as you’ll notice several obscene words flying around the screen.

Doing in-depth research led to the discovery that this game was developed by Spinomenal, a well-known company that develops software for the online casino industry. Apparently, they have a track record of releasing unusual titles.

3. Bible Slots


Speaking of online slots that are all shades of strange, there’s an array of slots based on Bible stories developed by a Super Lucky Casino company. Downloading it for the first time, there’s a series of permissions you need to grant the app. This sounds like standard practice, however, two permissions were a bit concerning.

  • The first was letting the game have access to all Wi-Fi information, and this begs the question, why would an app want to know what Wi-Fi’s I’ve been connecting to?
  • The second was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The app requests call information when a call is active. For a slot based on Bible stories, it makes you feel like you’re the devil.

Consequently, I decided not to download the slot anymore. Hopefully, I won’t be headed for damnation anytime soon.

4. OMG! Kittens


Playing this game, you’ll realize that some online slots are solely based on memes. What’s weird is that the game is aimed at catering to those who love cats but don’t love the smell of cat food.

That’s not the only thing that doesn’t sit right with this online slot. Although the kittens themselves are somewhat cute, their eyes are creepy.

But hey! That’s just our opinion. You could try it for yourself and make your own conclusions.

5. EggOmatic


This slot answers the long-standing agricultural question: how can we make the laying of eggs more efficient? Everything in the game is focused on eggs, including Egg inspired symbols, Free Spins Eggs, Wild Eggs, Spreading Wild Eggs, Surprise Eggs, and Cash Win Eggs. Frankly, it’s kind of disturbing, and we doubt there’ll be a “scramble” among slot fans to play this game – pun clearly intended.

6. Leprechaun Goes to Hell


Leprechauns are typically synonymous with luck and fortune. So, the naming scheme on display here is a tad bit surprising. The storyline follows a leprechaun who has been unlucky in recent times and has begun hanging out with the she-devil “Evilene” in the depths of hell.

The creators certainly have a vivid imagination, to say the least. But you never know, if you give it a shot, your fortunes may come through, unlike that of the leprechaun.

7. Cyrus The Virus


This online slot developed by Yggdrasil Gaming aims to make spins with viruses more immersive. It’s a cool game, although the reel characters are not what you have in mind when you think of online slot entertainment.

There aren’t any massive bonuses, but the Expanding Wild feature will rake in some healthy returns when they appear on the middle reel. Who knew that playing games featuring dreaded microscopic viruses and bacteria could be so much fun, right? While you’re at it, don’t catch a cold!

8. Pablo Piccaslot


There is a huge number of online slots that feature the names of art and literature geniuses. That said, Pablo Piccaslot just has to be the weirdest of them all. Aided by the cocky but confident painter by the same name, you can spin the reels to create a colourful painting.

There are several bonus features, including Free Spins and the Masterpiece Feature, where selected paintings unveil keys required to open up treasure chests filled with cash.

9. Down the Pub


We all know what pubs are for, don’t we? This game is both strange and interesting at the same time. Here, you can easily bring the pub to the comfort of your home.

However, what’s most amusing here is the protagonist. While we award high marks to this slot for featuring a man holding a pint with the stature of a “drunk” to accentuate the title, it still looks strange regardless. For players, there’s a slight caveat – Try to stay sober during gameplay.

10. Ace Ventura


In this movie-themed online slot, you’ll need to help the pet detective known as “Ace Ventura” solve numerous cases.

Featuring some of the funniest lines available in the original movie, this slot is exciting and fun. However, Ace Ventura gets its weirdness points with the bonus card evocative of a man stuck up in a rhino’s ***. You know where!


There you have it! Ten of the weirdest slots at online casinos. Just like the popular online slots you know and love, you can also play these weird ones for free at sites like SlotoZilla, if that’s what tickles your fancy.

However, it’s pertinent to note that even though some of these slots are rather obscene in terms of symbols, you can eke out massive winnings on others that are fun and intriguing.