Babies can act very weird sometimes. Since babies don’t know what they are doing the only thing left is to laugh and enjoy their facial expressions.


Karate Baby

Who said that babies don’t have karate skills? Just how much time has he spend preparing for this shooting?


Weird Head Crawling Baby

He probably has a tick head or crazy parents.


Evil Baby

Not all babies are angels some of these little cherubs can look evil.


Baby Dancing to Beyonce

Even in such a young age she looks up to Beyonce. Years and years of practice are needed to reach up to her level but this baby deserves an applause.



Is he dreaming or maybe he loves to behave like this while someone is recording?


Weird Baby Sleep

The weirdest way to put your baby to sleep. In this case these parents don’t have such a problem. Take a look.


The Baby Laughing At Paper

Oh back in the days when we were babies…Everything was amusing but i can’t recall that i was laughing at a paper being shred.


Chubby Baby Does Weird Tile Slid

Is it a seal? Is it a walrus? No it’s just a baby walking strangely.


I Am Better Then You

I think that she has definitely showed us that she is better then her sister.



Isn’t he too young for such things?

Written by Milos Raskovic – Copyrighted ©