This week on Weekly Weird News: really bad dentists, public urination and a baby dressed like Hitler! Oh boy!


Man Urinates on Women at Bus Stop

A man in Jersey City, New York accused of urinating on local women was arrested after being caught urinating on a local woman. I doubt anyone really needed another reason to avoid the busses in New York, but if you did, there you go.

man urinates on women at bus stop

From MyFoxNY


Playboy Channel Broadcasts During Children’s Programming

A “cable glitch” in North Carolina lead to two hours of the Playboy Channel being broadcast on two different children’s network. This sort of thing isn’t uncommon and usually the direct result of either a prank or equipment error, so don’t watch Dora the Explora with the hopes of seeing some naked ladies.

playboy for kids

From SMH


Artist Dresses Baby as Hitler

A Danish artist dressed her infant daughter as Adolf Hitler and other cruel figures from human history for an exhibit on the nature of evil. The point was to express that anyone had the potential to become either good or evil, but most people see it as some rather unfortunate baby photos. Probably not best to scrapbook that one anytime soon.

baby hitler

From Haaretz


New York City Cops Keep Raiding Innocent Couple

Walter and Rose Martin are pretty familiar with local police. In fact, the NYC Police have raided their home at least fifty times in the past eight years looking for criminals. So far they’ve found absolutely nothing. At what point do you just move?




Dentist Uses Paperclips for Root Canals

In an effort to save money and con the good folks at Medicare, an American dentist has allegedly been using paperclips for root canals and charging insurance companies for the tools he should have been using. You see? Healthcare really is in shambles.

paperclips for root canals

From AZ Central


Toddler Trapped by Candy

A child in Australia managed to climb inside a claw candy machine for the sweets he so desired, only to get himself trapped inside. Surrounded by what he loved but trapped behind four unloving walls of glass, he did the only thing he could do: he cried. A lot.

classic gumball machine

From Telegraph


Man Gets Cold, Breaks into House

A Pittsburgh man woke up to an intruder sleeping next to him in bed. The stranger had been roaming the streets after a concert and claimed he needed a place to sober up and stay warm. He came for his shelter, but he stole his heart.

man gets cold breaks into house

From Metro


South Korean Couple Loves Virtual Baby a Bit Too Much

A South Korean couple was arrested after neglect lead to the death of their child. The couple would spend twelve or more hours a day in an internet café, making time to feed their child once a day at most. Oddly enough, the time they spent online was used to raise a virtual daughter.

digital baby

From Weird Asian News

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