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Footwear shopping, let alone boots, can be a tiring task. There are so many footwear options to choose from and when you finally decide to go for a particular category, let’s say boots. The amount of variations in them, from high heels to laced and flat, is overwhelming.

However, if you find the right website, you can have your work cut out for you. There are many websites with varied boots sales, but not all of them are best for shopping. If you are a new shopper, websites can get very confusing very fast. In the end, you give up and plan a visit to the nearest store for shopping, or you choose only from the few boots you saw on the website. This should not be the case.

So, here are some of the top websites you can shop for boots sale.

  • Novo Shoes
  • Show collection
  • Collective outlet
  • Mischief shoes
  • Eraminglez

1. Novo shoes

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A recognized website with several footwear options, including shoes, Novo shoes is probably the best footwear website in New Zealand. The best part about the website is its clean categorization. They have a detailed menu with all categories of shoes so that you don’t have to waste any extra time wandering around looking for what you want? Talking about the deals, you can find a ton of them on the website. You can even sort their boots category and have the ones on sale at the top. Budget-friendly and mobile-friendly, you can shop from this website at any point from anywhere.

2. Show Collection

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If you are looking for a boots sale, show collection is the website you have got to visit. From simple slippers to wedges and boots, the website catalogs various shoes and footwear that you would not find with such price cuts anywhere else, online. Apart from women, you can also find a men’s section here. If you are looking for boots on sale, you can directly go to the sale page from the home page menu. It’s a subtle website with easy navigation both on smartphones and desktops. The track record of the website in dealing with their customers is also positive. There are no red signals there that you would be worried about. People who shop here only have good things to say.

3. Collective Outlet

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Shopping for branded shoes has never been easier, thanks to websites like collective outlets. The website is one of the leading platforms for women shoe shoppers. Although they have a limited category of shoes that ranges only from work shoes to knee-high boots, sneakers, and a couple of others, the options in this cattery are vast. If you are very specific about shopping only for boots, a collective outlet is the best place to shop for knee-high boots. What’s more? The price range of the website is impressive. Discounts run on the website throughout the year, and there is always a bargain for first-time buyers with custom coupons on the website.

4. Mischief shoes

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The best website for quality ankle boots, mischief shoes, is everything you want in a shoe selling website. You can find a ton of exciting boots on the website, from sales to the options of colors and patterns in shoes. Apart from boots, you can also shop for sandals, sneakers, heels, and loafers, among other items. The website is easy to navigate and works well on both desktops and smartphones. On the website, you can shop by Brands, Sale, Men, and Women. You can also check out their New In the updated section with the newest and most trendy footwear.

5. Eraminglez

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Not a lot of categories to check out but indeed, a website to look out for. Eraminglez is a newly formed website with only a handful of footwear collections. However, every shoe, boot, and sneaker they have in their catalog is worth a look. Their winter collection is something that you must undoubtedly check out. Moderately priced and fashionable, Eramminglez has shoes worth your time. Additionally, since it’s a new website, you can also find a ton of discounts and offers on their boots. Also, make sure you read a couple of reviews of the Eraminglez website before shopping from them, only to make sure their service is optimum.

The Best Way to Buy Shoes

Now that we have presented 5 websites to you, let us briefly discuss what’s the best way to buy shoes from these websites. Each of these sites has an extensive collection with a variety of different models available.

The easiest way is just to order it and let them ship the desired shoes to your address. If you are certain that these won’t be big or small and you can proceed with the purchase.

The tricky thing with buying shoes is that you often have to try it first. They might look great and comfortable, but they might not be suitable for everyone because each of us has a foot of a different shape. Trying it is the solution.

If the store is not only present online, doing the deliveries, and has an actual store you can go to and check the merchandise, make sure you do so. On the other hand, feel free to order.

If you receive shoes that aren’t suitable for you for one reason or another, you can replace them with the same ones, but choose a different number, or even ask for a new model. Most of the stores allow these swaps when they happen immediately after the delivery.


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Hopefully, this list of stores will help you find suitable shoes for you. Moreover, you can find awesome deals in each of these, so make sure you start up your search from this list. Not only will you save some money, but you will also get top-quality shoes and have an easy purchase, without too much hassle.