Choosing the right moving company in Melbourne can be a difficult task. Often, there are a lot of complaints about the services or lack thereof provided by cheap removalists in Melbourne. Some of these complaints arise from alleged damaged or lost property, charging for hours not worked, arriving late, and not working according to the estimates given.

Moving in itself is enough of a cause of stress without you have to deal with a surprise bill amount or having your stuff reach damaged. So how you look for and hire a moving company on whom you can rely?

1Research online


Most of the furniture movers in Melbourne, like, have websites that talk about their services, the destinations they move stuff to, service history, and an approximation of how much it will all cost. You can use this as a great place to obtain some background information and start putting together a list of potential companies to hire. Also, most companies have their contact information, including email IDs on the website, so you can email them questions and get their written responses.

2Identify who not to hire

If you do not know whom to ask, you can look up websites that list all kinds of moving scams. Read their articles and also the message board where people post warnings and problems they had with moving companies. It is a good way to post your questions and find answers.

3Identify the signs of a bad mover


Here are some possible signs that everything is not as it should be with a moving company:

– The mover does not offer or do an onsite inspection of your household belongings and instead provides an estimate on the Internet or the phone. These estimates will often seem too good to be true, and they normally are.

– The moving company asks for a huge deposit or cash before the move.

– The company’s website does not have a local address and no information about insurance or licensing.

– The movers merely claim that all goods are covered by an insurance of their own.

– When you call them, the phone is answered with a generic “Moving Company” or “Movers” instead of their brand name.

– The condition of the offices and warehouse is poor, or they do not exist.

– The movers bring a rental truck on moving day, instead of a company-owned and marked fleet vehicle.

4Enquire about professional accreditation

Trade associations give companies an approved seal or membership to show that they are compliant with industry standards. When you select a moving company, check if they have such accreditation. This will prove that they are a reliable service provider and onboard.

5Check if the movers are reliable


Check with your local business bureau if any of the companies you shortlisted have any complaints or grievances filed against them, and whether these were resolved successfully. It is uncommon for a company not to have any unhappy customers. The idea is to check whether the customer was satisfied with the culmination at the end. Read the report thoroughly, and if you see the company you are thinking of selecting had a grievance filed, ask them about this grievance and how they resolved it. You may choose not to continue to hire this company, depending on the severity of the complaint.

6Verify the company address

You should ask the company for their business card or go to the mover’s website and then look up the address they list online or using the phonebook. Ensure that the company’s address is listed and is registered under the company name. You should be cautious if any of the addresses are listed under a residential name.

These ways should help you to select the right moving services in Melbourne or any place you live, so that when you do move, the experience is a positive one, without any nasty surprises.