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Mining the Bitcoins is the safest way to be sure you are getting enough coins compared to the effort you put, through the action of solving advanced math and crypto tasks, to “win” them as a prize for your properly done job. But, as we all know, you need also advanced computer machines, and also a continuous power supply, so the computers can mine. Blockchain is pretty much energy and time-consuming, and most people don’t really have time for that. So, there are also other ways to get your Bitcoins, that won’t take that much time, including trading and exchanging, as the most popular ways to earn crypto coins.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies in general, you probably know that Bitcoin is the most popular one since the day it first came out. Every other currency is, sadly, less popular, but those who want to know more about this market in general, already know that there are also many other types worth having.

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According to, Bitcoin is so popular because of its sustainability, and that’s why the newbies will choose it over any other currency, even though sometimes is safer to start with something that won’t require that effort. Right now, this currency is reaching the highest prices this year, and at the time this article is written, one Bitcoin is worth $15,850, but we can’t predict would this trend last. That’s why some of the people want to have a few coins right now. But, should they really hurry? What are the easiest ways to earn them? We will see in this article:

1. Buying them using your regular credit or debit card

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Initially, this was practically impossible, until the platforms owned by Coinbase and Coinmama appeared on the market, and made all of that possible. But, as you supposed, they are also charging some fees, but if the rates are good, that won’t be a problem for you. At the same time, you can’t expect that you can buy a lot of them, because most of the brokers let you take around $150 of Bitcoin every week when it comes to Coinbase.

If you are using your debit card, you can be sure all the transfers are safe and secure, even though it may take a few days to be completed. On the other side, Coinmama allows you to earn a lot more, but it comes with the highest fees on the crypto market. There are many more, and you have to research pretty well to find which broker fits you the most.

2. Exchange them for the other crypto coins you have

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This is possible through many exchanging platforms, and you only need to offer what you have and see how much you can get, by comparing the rates. This is for the more experienced enthusiasts, who already own some crypto coins in their wallets. If you are one of them, you can join some of the most popular exchanging websites or apps, like eToro, or the Coinbase we already mentioned, but also Abra (for the USA), and BitBuy (for Canada), that are recognized as stable enough to exchange through them. Also, you can get them using fiat money too. It’s on you to decide what you want to do.

3. Choose your fighter

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Just because some platform or website is popular and commercial, doesn’t mean you can’t try using something else that you find better. You only must be very careful and read all the reviews available on the Internet, and then proceed to put your details there, to buy Bitcoins. As with everything in our life, if something is good for others, doesn’t mean it’s good for us. So, you have to try new things, see which platform will fit your preferences, and start buying your Bitcoins at the moment you are ready for that.

Which platforms to use to buy Bitcoins?

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We already mentioned some of them in the article, like eToro, Coinbase, Abra, BitBuy, and Coinmama. But there are also many other, like Bitpanda that can only be used in Europe, then for the USA, Europe, and some parts of South America. If you are sure you want to do that, then you need to create an account and list all the required data. We don’t need to say that you must choose a strong password to protect your profile.

Before you do anything else, run quickly through the settings, and check what you need to do in order to successfully buy your Bitcoins. Once you provide all the required details, you will see how much you can buy per day. Then, you can confirm and guarantee all that information is true, and proceed with buying.
Another very important thing to do is to find the right Bitcoin wallet, to store the coins you bought. According to so many experts in this field, the best thing you can do after you buy any cryptocurrency is to store the coins in the wallet, which can be virtual or physical.

They highly recommend buying a physical device that is used as a wallet, to ensure your coins are secure until you decide to spend them, or exchange for some other currency. Also, once you find the trader that works well for you, it’s better to stick to it, without experimenting and trying too many new things. After you completed the registration, choose a payment method. There is a huge variety, but not every trader supports them all. This is another one thing you need to pay attention to. After you have all of this, you are ready to start using it.

Don’t invest a lot of money at the beginning, because the risk is always present. Take smart steps, and don’t let the enthusiasm lead you to register for a lot of platforms so you can get more money. You will be able to do that once you have huge control over your actions, but while you are at the beginning, just stick to the initial website or app, and earn your Bitcoins smartly.