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Nowadays, most people spend their time working from home. So, if you have any specific skills, then you can also start taking virtual assistant jobs and earn cash from the comfort of your home.

If you look at this digital age, many businesses have moved their operations to online platforms. Such business owners get virtual assistants who help them handle specific tasks.

In these jobs, you don’t have to commute to any office to accomplish the tasks. Thus, if you have the internet and are disciplined enough to work with minimal supervision, you can earn money as a virtual assistant.

There are various types of virtual assistant jobs in the market. If you feel that you have relevant skills and some experience in any such jobs, you can market them by creating your website.

But if you are new to this work process, you can identify the websites where different companies specify the skills they are searching for in a virtual assistant. Here are some of the virtual assistant jobs that are now in high demand in the market. You can check if your skills match with any of them and try applying for the same.

1. Administrative virtual assistant

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Are you keen on keeping details and enjoy doing administrative work? If yes, you can become an administrative virtual assistant. This is a virtual assistant job that is quite popular in most countries.

Some of the tasks you would be expected to handle are scheduling meetings, booking appointments, replying to emails, and organizing clients’ calendars. The job involves taking most of the tedious tasks that business people deal with every day.

By relieving them of such responsibilities, you give the business owner a chance to focus on more pressing issues that affect the business.

Some clients can even ask you to handle financial matters such as preparing payroll, while others can involve you on personal issues. Though the tasks involved in this job may vary based on the client you are dealing with, the structure is quite similar.

If you want to become an administrative virtual assistant but don’t have any connections, you can click over here.

2. Marketing virtual assistant

Marketing virtual assistant jobs are in high demand due to the popularity of social media platforms. Most people nowadays market their businesses on social media.

So if you are good at a particular social media platform and are less busy, you should consider working as a virtual marketing assistant. To succeed, you have to be transparent with the companies you intend to work with.

For instance, if you are good with Facebook and Instagram but don’t have the same level of expertise with Twitter, you should share these details with your clients to avoid any complications in the job.

To enhance your prospects as a south-after virtual marketing assistant you should showcase your expertise in your resume.

3. Customer support virtual assistant

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Are you a socially active person that enjoys talking to people via email or phone? If yes, you should consider working as a customer support virtual assistant. This is also one of the virtual assistant jobs that are in high demand.

Customer support can determine how successful a company can become since people do not forget the services they get from different organizations. Look for a large enterprise that hires customer service agents working remotely.

To be good at this job, you have to learn the company’s procedures and policies and understand what they offer. Having this information can help you answer all the relevant questions that customers may have.

Customer support virtual assistants act as the intermediary between the company and its customers. Thus, you should have excellent communication skills so that you can represent the organization well.

4. Website management and design virtual assistant

Having a successful website is nowadays a requirement for business people. This has led to the demand for experts who are good at web design and management. If you have such skills, you can be of help to a lot of entrepreneurs. This is a well-paying job that also gives you the chance to enjoy your hobby.

Feel free to specify the form of web design you can do. For instance, some people are experts at WordPress, while others are great at coding. Thus, they can hire you based on their relevancy and needs.

5. Email marketing virtual assistant

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If you are good at designing email templates, you can work as an email marketing virtual assistant. These jobs are in high demand since most companies are always looking for experts in this field.

Some of the tasks you have to handle here include monitoring email lists, creating eye-catchy templates, sending updates about new products and blog posts, etc.

6. Virtual Accountants and Bookkeepers

Every small and big business needs to keep track of all its financial transactions. But doing this task, along with major other tasks, can be challenging for some business people. Hence, if you are experienced in bookkeeping, then you can become a virtual accountant or bookkeeper.

This job requires the person to take care of inventory management, sales, profits, expenditures, and various other financial areas. It helps the business owners to lower their burden from such crucial tasks and focus more on growing the business.

7. Virtual Data Entry Assistants

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Many business owners find it essential to keep track of their projects but fail to give enough time for it.

Hence, they start looking for virtual data entry assistants who can help them manage, sort, and compile the data related to their business. Most importantly, the demand for virtual data entry assistants is rising day by day due to the fact of growing companies.

Hence, if you have relevant skills in managing the data correctly, you can look for this job and help the businesses upscale their work.


Gone are the days when people spent hours in the office and the rest of their time commuting for work. Now, you can easily enhance your skills and take up any relevant virtual assistant jobs from the comfort of your home.

We hope this article helped you know the demanding virtual assistant jobs so that you can work on them without much effort.