Adult toys are still taboo among potential users, especially if they are recommended for couple use, but on the other side, there are those who are aware of the potential benefits, and the option to enhance their sexual life and spice up the relationship while using them. And it may come weird to you, but these toys can really have a positive influence and make the two of you much closer.

Probably you think that being in a relationship means only making love with your partner, but some kinky things can change the whole game, and increase your self-confidence a lot.

If you avoid talking to your partner about this, you have to stop doing that and be more open. You will be surprised to hear about their specific kinks and fetishes, but that will make both of you much closer, because you will learn to balance between the casual vanilla sex, and the kinky type, or even get in the world of BDSM, that can give additional pleasure to your bedroom (or any other place you prefer for this type of activity).


For example, a vibrating device can make the orgasm more intense for both of you. Also, if one of you doesn’t want toys, it’s not a big deal – you can still have an exceptional sex life using what nature gave to your body for that purpose.

Sexual toys can actually change your sex life and relationship in many ways, and it’s completely wrong to believe that those who use them, don’t need a partner, or even think about them as lonely and desperate people who can’t find anything better. Leave those beliefs in the past, and try to change the whole game, and you will see that.

1. You will change and adjust the image you have about your body


Body image can be something that affects our self-confidence a lot, or even ruin it in some cases. No matter what, all bodies are beautiful and attractive, in their unique way. When you use some toys, you will be able to explore your sensitive points and recognize the triggers that will lead to a successful orgasm. You will learn what exactly do you want, and prefer as sexual stimulation. Looking for something nice? Visit Lovify to choose something for you. If you are new to this, you can take a toy to help you explore your preferences, and then share it with your partner during intercourse.

2. It’s saving your sex life


Their purpose is to add some spice to your relationship, and we all know how much sex is important for couples. Sometimes, it can become boring, and looking for more excitement is something that is highly recommended, in order to save the relationship.

Don’t be surprised to learn that these accessories are now mainstream, and a crucial part of sex life. They really improve sexual pleasure, which is a great benefit for both partners.

3. They make you more comfortable to give directions and tell what do you want

Sex toys are improving communication too. While you are using them, you give instructions and directions to your partner on what to do, or they do the same to you. That’s a huge improvement of the communication, and encourage both of you to tell what do you really want, or deny something you don’t like.


The silent partners won’t enjoy the sexual pleasure as those who are open to telling everything they prefer. Even the act of buying the toy together, or as a surprise to the other one, is a form of communication that makes the relationship even deeper.

4. The sex will be better

These toys are made for that – to make the sexual response better. Sometimes, when we are in a relationship for years, the sexual performance may seem outdated and boring, and that can ruin the whole relationship. Saving the sexual life is saving what you both have.

There can be plenty of reasons why the things between doesn’t work, but if it’s the sex that is causing the issues, it can easily be resolved immediately, if you are open to each other, and talk about what’s wrong and finding solutions how to change those things.

5. Adult toys increase the chance for multiple orgasms


Many women aren’t able to have one orgasm without proper stimulation. Also, the number of people who struggle with “the peak” is pretty big, and the best suggestion for them is to relax and be more comfortable with using sex toys, and other things that can increase the chances for more than one orgasm. It’s completely wrong to consider using these toys as cheating or making the partner feel less worthy. That’s a completely wrong perspective, that can ruin everything.

6. There won’t be any pressure if something goes wrong

It’s completely understandable when one of the partners isn’t in the best mood for sexual games. Also, things like premature ejaculation, or struggles with lubrication can happen too, and that’s normal because in the end, we are humans and we can feel like that, no matter what’s the reason behind it. But, this is the moment when the toys can be used to save the game.


Sometimes, both of you can be included, and in other cases, one of you can only watch, if not in a mood to take an active part in the play. No matter what you choose, it’s all right, as soon as you understand and support each other.

See, there is nothing wrong with using adult toys to spice things up in the bedroom. Some couples like that so much, so they choose to practice it every time they have sex. But, if you think that the people around you will be judgmental about your choices, then it’s completely right to keep these things in private – just for you and your partner. And, believe us, it’s worth at least trying to use them. If you don’t like it, you can immediately get back to your usual habits, without concerns.