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It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big. Each one will benefit from digitalization. There are so many convenient tools that will help you manage the business. The Office 356 apps offer a wide range of tools for project management, boosting productivity, communication, and other essential aspects of your business. Each one has its benefits, so you need to include suitable apps in your process. Also, we review the most useful apps and their services!

1. Teams

Teams are the best communication tool for businesses. It allows team members to exchange messages in a group chat or have a group video call. This is the best tool for companies that have remote workers and want to increase collaboration and productivity.

2. Planner

The planner is an excellent app for project management. The team leader can assign tasks, organize them visually, and add deadlines for each. This will help avoid confusion and help everyone have a better understanding of their functions. Members can track the progress of the project and get a notification when they are assigned a task. Office 365 is easy to obtain, so for more details check

3. Outlook

An outlook is a great tool that isn’t only used for emails. The app is integrated with other Office 365 apps, which makes it easier for users to share different types of files. Every member can manage their emails, calendar, and aces important files straight from their inbox.

4. Sway

When you need to create professional presentations, Sway is the best app to do it. It is simple and easy to use so that anyone can create stunning visuals for any purpose. You no longer need a designer for simple projects such as a newsletter or a professional presentation.

5. SharePoint Online

This tool is perfect for document management and provides an excellent user experience for the team. Businesses of any size and type will benefit from the cloud-based tool. The team members can work in real-time on one document. You can restore previous versions in case you accidentally delete something important. But, these aren’t the only benefits. SharePoint Online is a centralized tool where employers can share content with others.

6. Onedrive

Onedrive is cloud storage that allows you to store any documents and media. Whether you are using a desktop or mobile, you can access the files anywhere at any time. The tool has a special feature that allows team members to work on the same document in real-time. Users can wipe a device anytime in case it gets stolen or lost.

7. Power BI

The Power BI app is ideal for managers of any level. It provides crucial business insights, which managers can use to bring essential decisions. The appealing displays make it easy for you to visualize and analyze data. The interactive reports and customizable dashboards allow users to have aces to real-time data. It can be connected with different business apps to extract important data. The cloud data is safe and secure, so managers don’t have to worry about leaks. The tool is meant to aid the decision-making process and provide managers with easy to get information.

8. PowerApps

Whether you want to create web or mobile applications, PowerApps is here to help you. You don’t need to have any coding experience to be able to use it. There are different templates to choose from, but also you can start building your app from scratch. Anyone can create both simple and complicated apps that suit the ends of their business.

9. Flow

Flow is a useful app that helps you automate the working process. You can connect Outlook with Onedrive so that the sent files will save automatically into a folder. The best advantage is that Flow doesn’t only work with Office 365 apps. You are free to integrate with other non-Microsoft apps that you use in the process, such as Slack, Youtube, Buffer, and others.

It is very useful for your social media marketing, as it can automatically share your Instagram post to Twitter. Many managers will find this the ultimate tool for boosting productivity. It allows you to cut down the time spent on simple and repetitive tasks.

10. Archiving & Legal Hold

This app stores any type of data that can be used as evidence in the case of a lawsuit. No one from the company can delete important files, such as emails and documents. You have the freedom to choose what type of documents will be stored. This will help you avoid storing unnecessary documents that aren’t necessary for legal evidence.

11. eDiscovery

This app helps you identify which types of files qualify as evidence for legal cases. This app will also preserve the file’s default properties to prove that they haven’t been altered. If you want additional features, choose the advanced version. It will help you find relevant data for a specific case and process high volumes of information. Businesses have different data types, so this tool enables you to narrow down information and export analysis.

12. Advanced Security Management

This app can track user’s unusual behavior, such as downloading large volumes of data. The app relies on particular risk indicators for discovering suspicious user activity. The responsible IT team will receive notification about this type of activity and can act accordingly.

13. Advanced Threat Protection

If you are concerned about hacker attacks, then you need this app. It will check suspicious mails, identify phishing attempts, and block malicious files. The IT team in the company has control over the settings and permissions for which type of files are considered safe.

Final words

There are so many convenient apps available within Office 365. It is up to you to choose the right ones that will help the growth of your business. Some of them are meant to boost productivity, while others will improve communication and collaboration. But also, there are more complex tools for cyber safety and preserving information for legal cases. You might find some apps very beneficial and others useless. Consider your business type and size to determine which apps from Office 365 you need.