Facebook is the most influential social media platform of all time. Just remember how the market looked just a decade ago when this was the only one. So, it’s no wonder that so many other ones derived from the initial concept. Even though Instagram has taken over the primary spot from Facebook, it needs to be said that it is still widely popular among all age groups.

If you take a look at some of the most credible reports, you will see that it has around 2.2 billion monthly active users. When you compare it to the other main social media platforms, you will see that this is still higher than the majority of them. However, we can see that the concept behind this social media platform is somewhat changed. Furthermore, we can even see that it will change even more in the future.

According to the official statements from Facebook’s developers, it will focus mainly on business and marketing advertising in the future. But, at its core, it will always remain what we know and love, the first social media that launched the whole concept.


Despite it has been present among us for so long, there are still many tips and features people haven’t discovered. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Unfollow, not Unfriend

No Facebook user in the world hasn’t experienced the temptation to unfriend someone but simply didn’t have the courage.

Thankfully, this is something that can be avoided, and the whole process will not take any kind of effort from you. You can easily unfollow that person, which means that you will not be able to have an insight into their activity.

At the same time, you will remain friends with that particular person. Naturally, it can be done both through the browser and mobile app. When we’re talking about a mobile app, you should click on following, located under the image, and choose unfollowing. If you would like to do it from the desktop, browser site, just find the drop-down arrow, and opt for unfollowing.


2. Use Facebook Video Downloader

Just think about how many times you have stumbled across a video on Facebook, that you wanted to watch again. Chances are that you will lose it, and recovering it wouldn’t be as easy, right?

If you are interested in saving a certain video, the easiest way you can do it is to download it. Of course, it can be found on YouTube. If you don’t come across it on YouTube, be sure to use Facebook video downloader.

If you are not certain of what this is, be sure to take a look at fbdownloader. Since the way you can use it is pretty straightforward. You just need to copy a link and paste it into the bar. After that, you should click on the download button. After you do that, you will see that the download process has become, and after a couple of seconds, you will be able to open it.

3. Receive Only Certain Notifications


Naturally, not all of the people you have on your friend’s list are your real friends. Even if you are familiar with all the people who are on your friend’s list, that doesn’t mean that you are close to all of them. So, you will not be interested in all that they have to say, right? Thankfully, you can create a list of close friends, which will help you to receive notifications only from people you want to.

The only way you can do that is to do it manually. How can you do that? So, visit all of the friends you want to follow more closely, and click on the button, which says “get a notification”.

When you do that, you will receive a notification whenever one of your close friends will post something on his or her profile.

Narrowing down the list of your friends can be quite beneficial sometimes, since having thousands of friends can be quite overwhelming.

4. Prevent People from Tagging You

If you wouldn’t like to appear in images where your friends tag you, you’ll be happy to know that this is possible. There are two ways you can do that. The first way to do it is to preventing anyone from tagging you without asking for permission. Only after you approve it, you will be able to see the image you have been tagged in, on your profile’s timeline. There’s one more way you can go from this point.


You can permit anyone to tag you on an image. However, it is possible to prevent these images from appearing on your profile’s timeline. Naturally, not all of Facebook’s users are interested in their image appearing and being visible to anyone. That way, you can protect your privacy. If you are interested in doing that, of course.

5. Create Polls

Did you ever think about creating a poll, where your friends can express their opinion about a certain topic? Well, sometimes we need some kind of advice from our friends, and this is one of the best ways to do it, if we are talking about online ways, of course. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to use something like this whenever you feel like you would like to hear someone’s opinion on a certain topic.

Furthermore, it needs to be said that the results of these polls don’t need to be public. You can keep all of them for yourself. Naturally, not all people are interested in sharing this kind of information with their friends. At that same time, if you are doing some kind of research or survey, this is a pretty good method you should opt for. We are sure you will find it easy to use and quite effective.

The Bottom Line

As we’ve said, despite all this time Facebook is used by billions of people from all over the world, many features are still unknown to many people. In this article of ours, you can find the most exceptional ones we’ve been able to find. You will surely find them interesting.