Online apps are adding phone number verification to their systems on a daily basis. But not everyone appreciates these changes. Some people do not want to reveal their personal phone numbers for security purposes. Moreover, this feature is frequently accessible only in a small number of countries so users from not supported countries become prevented from using such apps at all.

In both circumstances, using a virtual phone number to receive SMS online is a quick and straightforward solution. You can use it to sign up for any app on the internet and do it from anywhere in the world.

How do virtual phone numbers work?


Virtual phone numbers operate in nearly the same manner as real numbers. They are also linked to specific physical SIM cards and work on the existing networks of mobile providers. Just in contrast to genuine phone numbers they can be and always get utilized online and immediately through the internet.

You are not even required to have a mobile phone or a SIM card. Any modern device with an internet connection is literally all that is needed to operate a virtual number. This makes it feasible to sign up for accounts on social networks and other online services as well as receive text messages and even calls using a PC rather than a mobile phone.

This becomes possible by linking virtual phone numbers to particular servers on the internet with hardware like GSM modem, GoIP gateway, and others. So, this is how websites that provide virtual often operate. In order for other people to use them to complete registration on various websites and apps, certain people known as suppliers enter their SIM cards from different countries into special hardware and connect to the servers of those platforms.

Quick and simple acquisition

There are usually formalities to go through when purchasing a SIM card. You must first wait in line before beginning to fill out numerous forms. This is a waste of time and energy. In the case of purchasing virtual numbers, there is no such thing. You can access virtual phone numbers from different countries by simply completing a brief registration on the platform that offers them. Other advantages of such a service include the following:

  • Low price. Most frequently, using virtual numbers to get around mobile verification costs less than $1.
  • Extreme privacy. Virtual phone numbers cannot be tracked and contain no personal data about their users.
  • General availability. You can take advantage of virtual numbers when located anywhere in the world regardless of your social standing and financial capabilities.

Therefore, there are a lot of benefits virtual phone numbers bring to the table. Now let’s look at how anyone can use them to register accounts on different apps.

Signing up for apps with virtual numbers


It is not particularly challenging. You can register with any app on the internet easily if using services from SMS-Man. This platform offers straightforward and practical solutions for all individuals who want to deal with online SMS verification at a reasonable price.

Getting access to all its tools takes only creating an account. The following is a comprehensive guide on using virtual phone numbers obtained from this service after registering and topping up your profile:

  1. Go to the main page of the service and select the preferred country for a virtual number.
  2. On the same page choose the app for which you want to sign up.
  3. Click the buy button to obtain a virtual phone number.
  4. Use it to sign up for the desired app.
  5. Press the “Get SMS” button to reveal the verification code.

The final step is to complete the account creation process using the received code. That is it. Because virtual phone numbers are not difficult to obtain and use, this feature is definitely available to everyone without exception!