Have you ever thought of unlocking your phone? You might think that this is something unnecessary. Sure, sticking with a phone locked to your current carrier is convenient. However, you will be surprised at how advantageous unlocking it is.

Are you interested to know more about the perks of unlocking your phone? Take a look at these five reasons why you should do it today.

1International Travel without Roaming Fees


Are you going on a trip abroad soon? A regular locked phone will cost you a lot of money on roaming data charges. Let’s face it: roaming fees are incredibly expensive. If you have to travel overseas, you have to pay extra for your roaming services.

You cannot simply just pop a local SIM card inside your locked phone as it will not read it. But with an unlocked one, on the other hand, you will be free from all the hassle and headache. Getting your phone network unlocked will be very helpful to those who frequently have to travel either for business or for tourism.

An unlocked one gives you the liberty to just simply insert a local SIM card. It is far cheaper to make calls and access the internet using a local number. Apart from cheaper rates, using a local SIM card while abroad offers you complete coverage with better connectivity.

2Freedom To Switch Carriers


Does your carrier have poor network coverage in your area? Is there a more valuable and cheaper service plan that another carrier offers? Are you moving to another country, but do not want to buy another phone?

There are many reasons for you to switch carriers. However, when it is locked, you do not have that freedom to easily jump to another carrier. Phone contracts can be very restrictive, especially if you have an iPhone.

That is why unlocking your device is very important if you want flexibility; it gives you total control over calls and data charges, network coverage, as well as download speeds as stated by If you do not want to be chained to an inconvenient contract with your carrier for years, then it is better to unlock your phone.

As unlocking your phone grants you the freedom to switch to other carriers, you get more opportunities to take advantage of SIM-only deals as well as pay as you go or prepaid deals. Both deals offer freedom to move regularly, and when you avail of either of the two deals, you can always shop around regularly for a better offer anytime.

Unlocked ones give you a choice and a chance to decide what is best for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. If you do not want to constantly make payments on a regular basis especially if you do not use your phone that much, then the prepaid option is perfect for you. This gives you the flexibility to only pay for the service you intend to use.

On the other hand, if you want to stay with your current phone but want a better price for your text, call, and data services, then a SIM-only deal would suit you best. SIM-only deals also have an easier credit check. So if you got turned down from a contract before, you can still qualify for a SIM-only contract.

3Increase Resale Value


Are you planning to sell your phone soon? Your potential buyer might not be using the same network carrier. To maximize it to its full value, you can simply unlock it. An unlocked phone’s price is 30% higher than its counterpart.

Are you worried about not getting covered by a warranty? You do not even have to worry about warranty issues, as unlocking your phone does not void your warranty or damage it. However, you have to make sure that you will be contacting a reliable supplier to perform the unlock. Unlocking is quick and has to be done only once.

You can have it unlocked by the carrier you are or were subscribed to. If they do not offer you such service, you can just ask a reputable service provider to do it for you.

4Convenience and Personalized Configuration


An unlocked phone is easier to customize, as well as adding features that you want. Locked ones have limited access to features for third-party applications. You gain more control over the applications installed on your phone because there is no pre-installed software that will limit your access.

It is frustrating to have pre-installed applications hogging your phone’s space when you do not even use them. Without any pre-configured settings by your carrier, you will be able to personalize your phone more. It is your phone after all, so you should have the freedom to customize it to your heart’s content.

Unlocking your phone also makes it easier to be repaired or replaced. For example, if you broke it’s screen, you can just remove your SIM and temporarily place it in your backup phone. You can drop it to a technician or a service center anytime and still not miss out on important texts, emails, and notifications.

5Improve Performance


As mentioned earlier, locked phones have pre-installed software designed to limit your access. This eats up more space in your device and slows it down with bloatware. When you unlock it, however, this provides you with more internal storage for updates and for you to use. Software updates even tend to be faster in unlocked phones. When there’s ample room for updates, this improves its performance and productivity.

Sure, locked phones are cheaper at first, but unlocking your phone is more practical in the long run. It also offers a fast and easy option for you to switch to a low-cost service plan. It also gives you the freedom to optimize and customize your device based on your preference.

In a nutshell, the ultimate feature that an unlocked phone offers is total control over your device. It is your own phone, after all. It should not be the other way around.