Minecraft is one of the most simple games in the world to pick up and start playing. But achieving mastery of Minecraft is a lot more complex than you might think. There are hundreds of recipes, intricate interactions between items, and specific tactics for dealing with monsters.

So to help both new and veteran players alike we have put together this guide of tips and tricks. We will be covering all the fundamentals of Minecraft before sharing with you some more advanced tips for survival.

Beginner Tips


We will assume that you already know some of the basics of Minecraft. How to make tools. Surviving the first night. So we will be focusing on some beginner tips that should make your life much easier.

The first one is that coal is abundant and completely necessary through every step of the game. If you are ever low on coal you can dig straight down into the ground and eventually find some in your local area. We advise you to always keep a stack of coal and a stack of sticks on you to make torches with.

Avoid making gold tools or armor. Logic would dictate that gold is the next step up from steel. But gold is actually far weaker and breaks quicker than even iron. Instead, save your gold for decoration.

We also suggest you make use of fences. They are essential for herding your livestock and are excellent at keeping hostile mobs out of your territory. Fences are technically 1.5 blocks high. Meaning players, animals, and mobs cannot jump over them while on flat land. The only way through is a gate or building a block next to them to jump on.

Speaking of herding livestock, you need to make sure your animal pen is pretty large. If you cram too many animals into a small pen they will start glitching out and escape over the fence. And then you’ll have swarms of animals wandering around your base.

The best way to learn the ropes of Minecraft is to play multiplayer with friends or strangers. You’ll pick up a lot of tips and tricks from them while also having a lot of fun. You can find the biggest and best list of Minecraft servers on the internet at The official Minecraft server site also lists some of the more popular servers. We recommend joining a survival multiplayer server to really learn the ropes.

Advanced Tips

Once you have mastered the basics of Minecraft you will want to start venturing out into new biomes or down into the caverns and abandoned mines below. Here are some tips to help you survive.

When building, or trying to mine a block that is over an edge, you need to avoid falling off to your death. That is where crouching comes into play. While you are crouched your character is incapable of falling off the edges. This should make building sky bridges or work in caves a dawdle.

If you are exploring a cave network you should keep a few buckets with water on you. Why? Because with a bucket of water, you can jump from any height and not take any damage. This is called pillowing. The idea is you look straight down as you fall. Just before you hit the ground you need to place the water block under you. This will break your fall causing you no damage.


Diamonds ─ The ultimate goal for any Minecraft player. Ideally, you want to find diamonds as soon as possible to make a diamond pickaxe. But many players don’t know that diamonds can only spawn in certain areas. Specifically, level 15 or below.

Now when we say level 15 this means 15 blocks down from the base level. But it can be difficult to know which parts of your world are at level 0. This is where the coordinates come into play. Check your options menu to see which button brings up the coordinates. The Y-axis is the one you want to look at. Using this function you can easily find the diamond level. It is also a great tool for making sure you don’t get lost. Write down the coordinates of your base. That way you can always find your way home.