The unicorn as a brand is not only successful but also has with each passing days won the respect and value of the public. They have raced forward from many contemporary companies. Unicorn act as gifts for almost ages of everyone; websites such as displays an array of such products. Some of the top unicorn makeup brush sets for this year are given as follows:

1Unicorn Brushes Plastic Rainbow Set-5 Pieces:


This is an amazing looking set of unicorn brushes. The body is of plastic and the hairs on the top are made out of nylon hair. It is a merge of seven pieces, each of which specifies a single function. For instance, the entire set serves the need of several brushes like that of blush, powder, foundation, contour and crease eyeshadow giving the user a luxurious experience of applying makeup.

2Ten Piece Unicorn Make-Up Brush Set:

In this set, the products are very beautifully designed not only to imitate the shape of a unicorn horn but also to make a comfortable grasp for the user. Unicron gifts like this is the reason why has become so popular. These are soft yet firm and also easily gets stuck to powder, eye shadow, etc. which helps to maintain uniformity.

These products are generally used for applying both dry powders like eye shadow, face powder, etc. and also liquid products such as eyeliner, foundation, etc. There is a free makeup bag too. Also, the set comes with a one year warranty and 30 days of free exchange and money return.

3Ladista Unicorn Colourful Makeup Brushes (7 Pieces):


This is regarded as a professional combination of brushes. They are absolutely beautiful with vibrant colours. For maintaining hygiene these are covered with a clear plastic wrap. The hair on the top is also selected keeping in mind the best quality. This 7 piece set and is also known as the Face Pack Brush.

4Start Makers Unicorn Makeup Brushes Set (8 Pieces):

It is made of crystal and is extremely pretty. Apart from normal contour and powder based items, it also contains an eye smudge brush. Not only is it safe and hygienic it also blends comfort and luxury. It gives the user a rich look of her make up through the use of these exclusive products. The main characteristics lie in the fact that the entire is set in quite lightweight and therefore it is very much portable.

5Unicorn Qivange 10 Piece Gradient Diamond Brush Set:


This is a fabulous unicorn based makeup kit. The hair colour of the item is not only attractive, but has also caught people’s attention with its glamorous body. This 10 piece combination works like magic and gives the user a luxurious salon experience. Beginning from highlight, concealer, powder, eyeliner, foundation, etc. they can be individually used for each and every function.

6Toniq Unicorn Makeup Brush Set:

This is not for beginners but experts with ultra-soft bristles. This helps in the accurate application of any makeup item in a smooth and perfect manner. The handles are made in such a structure which helps in a firmer grip and along with that, the fine bristles on the top are also very smooth. This set may be said to be for professionals but then also it is very user-friendly.

Wrapping Up:

Yes, of course, these are not only the ones there are much more that can be added to the list. But then if you are a first time your search might narrow down with the help of these examples.