“If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is ugliness”. Who according to you is the ugliest musician/band ever to walk the planet and why? We conducted a survey and after the votes were counted we prepared the below list putting the selections in order from least ugly to the ugliest.

1. Chad Kroeger

Image source: nickiswift.com

According to the recent online surveys, Nickelback lead singer and rhythm guitarist Chad Kroeger has been voted as the ugliest person in rock. I fail to understand how this band has sold more than 25 million records worldwide; they are so untalented and so dorky-looking. Chad has written the most annoying songs in human history.

2. Marilyn Manson

Image source: radiobobar.com

That dude scares everyone to death the minute people see him; he indeed is the ugliest freak out there. Manson formed Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids in Florida in 1989.

3. Gene Simmons (Kiss)

Image source: radiobobar.com

Simmons ugliness seeped outward rather early in this life. He had a dismissive attitude, evil and ruthless business sense and his nasty views on women, minorities, and gays make him a clear winner for Uggo king.

4. Amy Winehouse

Image source: vox.com

She kinda looks cool and sings good, but when she mix drugs, alcohol and some more stuff she looks crazy, and I may say uglier then ever. Want you to agree?

5. Lemmy (Motörhead)

Image source: hardwiredmagazine.com

Lemmy has been rocking his ugly self for decades. He has that haggard look that can be produced only by decades of hard living, venereal diseases, and Rock & Roll. This man has taken no prisoners in his life, be it his music or his look.