If you live in a cold climate, then vinyl fixed windows are exactly what is needed for your property. They provide excellent safety, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

After reading our article, you will better understand all vinyl fixed windows advantages, as well as learn more about other models of windows, which are also worth considering as a suitable option for heat retention.

5 Types of Windows That Increase Energy Efficiency


Before talking about the most energy-efficient types of windows, let’s look at what factors affect energy conservation.

Energy efficiency is a complex thing. Everything from glass to frame affects the thermal performance. Let’s dwell on this in more detail:

  1. All energy-efficient products are labeled with Energy Star stickers. It is a certified standard, meaning that these products reduce energy consumption by 20-30%. Reducing the amount of electricity consumed will not only minimize your costs but also reduce the negative impact on the region’s ecology.
  2. Energy-saving models come with insulated frames that hold the air between the window frame and the wall of the house.
  3. Window glass should have a Low-E coating which reflects heat. This allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.
  4. Choose quality triple-glazed window structures that will provide the necessary airtight seal. Also note that to improve insulation, the space between the glass should be filled with inert gas (for example, krypton or argon).
  5. The window should be installed masterfully, otherwise, it does not matter how good it is. Improper installation leads to draughts, unpleasant noise and increased heating costs.

Now that you know the features of energy-efficient windows, it’s time to talk about which models do best.

1. Vinyl Fixed Windows


The absence of moving parts makes them highly protective against draughts, noise, mold, or heat leakage. Due to their integral design, they help maintain a constant temperature inside the building, which is especially important for homeowners living in cold and damp climates.

Vinyl fixed windows provide excellent protection against weathering, and let a lot of natural light into the room. Since these windows cannot be opened, they provide serious deterrents to potential criminals.

They are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. And also these window systems can significantly improve the appearance of the house, making it more modern and stylish.

In general, if you do not need opened windows, then vinyl fixed windows are the best option that you can choose to improve your home.

All fixed window designs can be divided into 3 main varieties:

  1. Fixed casement
  2. Picture windows
  3. Shaped windows.

Fixed casement is very similar to picture windows. The main difference is that fixed casements have sash bars and larger frame sizes than panoramic constructions. They are suitable to highlight some features of the interior of your building.

In turn, picture windows have a large glazing area, which provides an excellent view of the landscape outside, and also lets more natural light in the room. This allows you to reduce electricity bills and make the room visually lighter and more spacious.

Shaped models can be opened or fixed. The second option gives better insulation.

Such structures are usually part of a large window system or can be installed as an additional light source on stairways, attics, under the roof of the building, etc.

Thanks to their original shape, such products make your home even more stylish. You can install a circle or half-circle, oval or ellipse, triangle, arch, hexagon or octagon, half-moon, diamond, trapezoid, crescent, or another type of shaped window.

Although fixed windows are an ideal choice in terms of insulation, they do not allow ventilation in the room.

Therefore, in some cases, homeowners living in the cold region choose open systems.

2. Casement windows


Casement windows are the most energy-efficient type of opened windows. Due to their design, they provide an excellent level of insulation and tightness: products have a strong seal on all four sides.

These models are quite easy to maintain, making them one of the most popular choices among modern homeowners. To open the window, just turn the comfortable ergonomic handle. The windows have side hinges so that they can be opened to the right or left.

As a rule, these window systems are installed in living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. Homeowners who have chosen this option, note a minimal air leak. Overall, it is an excellent balance of energy efficiency and convenience.

3. Awning windows


Awning windows are very similar to casement windows and have the same energy-saving properties. They have an excellent seal, located on the outside of the frame. When the window opens or closes, the seal connects all the parts into an almost hermetic design.

The main difference between awning and casement windows is their operation. The casement structures open outwards and the awning ones are folded upwards. This makes it possible to ventilate the room even during rainfall. However, it should be noted that they provide little worse ventilation than casement structures.

In addition to energy efficiency, awning windows are very easy to operate. They are often installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and various utility rooms.

4. Single and double hung windows


Hung models are generally less energy efficient than other window types. And this is one of the most important factors that people living in cold climates consider.

If it is essential for you to install such a model, choose single hung. They will be more energy-saving than double-hung. This is because they have only one moving sash. The second sash is fixed, and as a result, provides more tightness.

As a rule, such window systems are installed in places with limited space. For example, near a garden or walkway where it is impossible to use standard swing models.

5. Sliders


In terms of energy saving, sliders are on about the same step as hung windows. Therefore, a single slider will have slightly better insulation than a double one.

As with hung models, sliders have proven themselves in places with limited space.

If you live in a particularly extreme climate, installing the right window model can have a huge impact on both the number of your bills and the quality of your life.

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