Living in a digital era certainly has some perks, and at the speed that technology is advancing, who knows what will happen next. VR, AI are just some of the tech perks we all use on a daily basis, and for many of them, we are not even aware of how much we use them and how dependent we all are on them. Take our phones for example, and although it makes everything much easier, the fact that we use them for work and our free time says a lot about how the world will surely stop if there is some network or global internet problem. But let’s leave that aside for a second, and focus on what really matters, and that’s making the right decision when it comes to buying a new TV.

There are plenty of renowned brands that already established their name in this market, but, just like with everything else, there are also plenty of new TV brands that are yet to shake the market. Namely, as technology advances, many new companies have stepped in with some remarkable new features, screen options, and, of course, resolution. All that makes it pretty difficult when one has to make a decision on which TV to go for, as there are plenty of options, and although you can always go with some famous and recognizable brand, trying out a new one will perhaps be a much better choice, and not just price-wise.

But, how to choose and determine which of those new brands are the best? What to look for, and, most importantly, where to find them? Well, continue reading as we will further discuss this topic.

1. Vizio


Vizio is a relatively new US brand that is becoming more and more popular, not only in the US but in the whole world. The reasons for that are numerous, and one of them is the price since these devices are much cheaper than the same ones from famous manufacturers. Unlike the price, their preferences can pair to any other famous brand’s TVs, so many people are considering them as their first choice when they decide to buy something good. Vizio TVs have an astonishing look, which is not their only advantage since, besides that, they have a great darkroom performance which is perfect for watching movies or play games.

Their motion handling and responsiveness are exceptional, which is enough to forget some of the flows these TVs have. Some of the flaws are the fact that these TVs have small sizes and a low resolution along with the inflexible operating systems. Many people easily get used to their flaws because of the low price and great performances, and because of that, the limited apps that they can install are not the big problem.

2. Skyworth


Even though many people are not familiar with this brand, it is actually one of the largest and most successful companies in this industry. The fact that they are still relatively new to the US market says a lot about how this company is yet to do wonders, and as of this year, TVs made by this company will become available for US citizens all across the country. But let’s talk more about what makes their tv’s so special, and what new features they have to offer. First of all, their OLED screens are what make them stand out from the competition as the picture quality and viewing angle of these TVs are top-notch.

For those who don’t know what OLED stands for, unlike LED TVs, which use a backlight to illuminate their pixels, OLED makes their own pixels, and that is why a term like emissive is what most people use to describe them. In addition to that, great HDR formats support and improved color performance will come more than handy if you decide to go with this brand to watch your favorite game or TV show.

3. TCL


If you want to buy a TV wholly made by one manufacturer, then the TCL is the best choice for you. It is a new brand, but they easily find their way to people’s homes because of their quality products and low prices. They are not releasing that many products, but every one of them is worth considering because they are long-lasting. TCL TVs use a smart interface that is installed on every one of their devices. This interface is easy to use even for beginners, and many of them are happy to try it out.

Besides the fact that it is easy to use, it also allows us to access many channels and streaming applications, so the options are numerous. Thanks to the great quality of the picture and ratio of the contrast, this TV is perfect for watching games and TV shows in a dark room. In addition to the picture quality, the low input lag with vivid colors makes it perfect for gamers, and the low price makes it their first choice.

4. Hisense


Another less famous brand, but one of the best choices to get the most for the lowest price, is Hisense. These TVs have a low price but, their preferences are not worse than those that TVs from famous brands have. When it comes to the display size, you can find them in many sizes, and there is a perfect fit for every person, even for those pickiest. Since these devices have great Google Assistant support, it is easy to install apps and get access to many channels. Besides that, good preferences allow us to watch whatever we want in the darkroom and enjoy the great picture quality.

The bottom line

Now we can say that everything is settled, as we did homework for you, and hopefully, reading all this will make your decision much easier. Of course, doing some research is always preferable, as it is the best way to determine whether some TV has everything you want and need. In the end, it is all about getting the most out of something we are paying for.