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Even though having a cat at home as a pet comes with a lot of benefits, many people hardly know how to treat them right. This ends up affecting the kind of relationship they have with them. A cat has just as many needs as you do, and these needs need to be met daily. Showing concern, love and care, and spending some time with your feline friend creates a strong and lasting bond between you.

Take time off your schedule and get to know your cat better. You might be surprised by what you could discover about them. It doesn’t take too much effort to treat it right; it only takes your commitment and time. That said, here are seven ways on how to treat your cat.

1. Take Your Cat to the Vet for Regular Checkups

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Now, your cat won’t enjoy the new beddings and an abundance of toys to play with if he/she is not feeling okay. It’s imperative to ensure that your cat is in their best health by checking him for any symptoms. Even if he seems quite healthy there just could be that one thing that could trigger something serious such as having worms and parasites.

This means always being on the lookout for symptoms, their feeding habits, and their posture. Now, at, you’ll learn about the types of foods that can help to improve your cat’s health, behaviors, health issues, and how to pamper it. Speaking of food, providing it with proper nutrition is one of the best ways that you can show that you care, well among other ways. With that in mind, below are five signs that your cat needs to visit the vet:

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  • Repeated vomiting – Cats will naturally vomit when they’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with their digestive system or it could be that they have a hairball. But if it’s repeated vomiting, then there’s absolutely something wrong with their digestion.
  • Changes in their appetite – They are finicky animals! They are picky and this is why they are unique. If there is, however, a sudden change with their appetite, and because you know them well and know what’s normal for them, then you must call the vet as it could be a symptom of serious medical conditions.
  • Unusual growths or lumps – Some lumps will not pose any risk factors to your pet’s health, but you can only be sure of this if you take your pet for a medical examination.
  • Unusual discharges – It’s normal for your car to have a moist nose. Note, moist, not wet! So, if it’s a runny nose, discharge from the eyes, or their ‘private’ parts, then it’s time to take your pet to the vet.
  • Signs of distress – Cats are naturally stoic but if you notice that it is in distress, then it’s a cause for concern. This may be characterized by behaviors that will be out of their usual character such as hiding and howling for no obvious reasons.

2. Invest In a New Bed for Your Cat

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They spend most of their hours taking a nap. A change of beddings and a new comfortable bed will hit that sweet spot in your cat. Consider complementing the spaces around your cats’ bed by getting one that has the right size and color. Additionally, when choosing a bed, consider the type of fabric. Some fabrics are easy to clean while others will prove to be quite the challenge.

3. Get Your Cat New Toys

Cats, especially when they are kittens tend to play a lot. They are curious and full of bubbling energy. They’ll want to discover new things, bite, scratch, and jump onto stuff. Grabbing a new toy while at the store will be a gesture that shows concern and care. New toys will keep them entertained and occupied most of the time. While at it, don’t forget to get them a scratching post so that they don’t end up bored and mark your expensive upholstery with their claws. You can always join in the fun and play together.

4. Take Care of the Litter Box

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They are generally very clean animals. They enjoy doing their business in privacy, but if their litter box stinks, they’ll choose to go on your rugs and carpets. To them, these are the alternatives to going outside! To avoid having a stinky house and being at loggerheads with your cat, ensure that the litter box is kept clean by replacing the sand or whatever else that may need to be replaced. To avoid turf wars, get an extra litter box.

5. Cuddle Your Cat

This may make your boyfriend or girlfriend jealous, but if they are understanding, they’ll see a part of you that proves to them that you are caring. To a cat, there is nothing in this world like a good rubbing, especially on the belly and a warm cuddle. That’s if your pet doesn’t like canned tuna fish! So, the next time you plan to watch a movie or relax on your couch, don’t forget to include your cat and spend some quality time together. This goes a long way in creating a strong bond between the two of you. Cuddling with it is also a good way to unwind and relax after a long day. It’s therapeutic!

6. Take Your Cat Out

Even though it’s almost impossible to put a leash on your cat and walk it, putting it in a carrier and taking it to the park with you will do them a lot of good. You can also do back bicycle rides or short car trips around the block. Do this to give your cat a little bit of adventure and expose them to mother nature. For trained ones, you don’t have to put them in a carrier. They know that you are the boss and they’ll follow you. But always ensure to protect them from stray cats while at it.

7. Groom Your Cat

A quick bath, a gentle hairbrush, and a trim are routine activities required to keep your cat looking desirable. Have your cat looking attractive for their other cat friends and your family by making sure that he/she is well-groomed. Good grooming also leaves your pet smelling nice and helps to improve their moods.

If you treat your cat right with these simple steps, then there won’t be any stiffness between you and her/him. You will also have a good relationship running in no time, especially if you are planning to bring a new one to your home.