Why travel on the motorcycle? Mototrips are usually cheaper than the common bus or air tours, and, of course, they bring more adrenalin to your life. Traveling on a motorcycle will bring a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

My name’s Bruce, and I’ve explored the US and many European countries on my two-wheeled friend. Now, I’m planning a trip to Asia, and I’ve decided to share my tips with the moto enthusiasts just like me.

Based on personal experience, I have compiled a set of hints for motorcycle travelers that will help make the trip enjoyable and safe. By the way, if you haven’t found the best motorcycle for your trips yet, check the Your Moto Bro.

1Think ahead

Over the years, I have developed several rules that I always follow no matter where I am going and how long it takes. First of all, I want to say that moto-travel is not only laying a route in the navigator. Travelers, especially beginners, need to learn more things before the trip: check thematic forums, blogs, explore route options.

For example, in northern Italy, the road from Udine to Milan isn’t pleasant for motorcycles. You must take everything into account in advance, so your trip could go according to your plan.

2Europe is the best choice for beginners


A newbie should choose easier routes. In this regard, I advise starting with Europe. The roads are smooth and comfortable. In my personal list, Austria comes first, followed by Italy, France, and Slovenia.

The roads there are perfect, not only in terms of coverage but also in terms of radius. If you enter a turn, you can be sure with your eyes closed that you will exit it in the right place. Don’t forget to take care of the accommodation.

For cheaper trips, use the Couchsurfing service. This worldwide net will help you to find a place to sleep quickly and easily. You can also meet new friends and motorcycle lovers who will show you the best places to visit.

3Take care of your equipment


I will not get tired of repeating that safety equipment should always be worn, even if your path runs to a neighboring yard. Do you want to stay alive and healthy? A helmet is a must-have! Especially if you ride a long road.

Check your gloves, moto boots, glasses, and a motor suit. If you still didn’t get a helmet or proper moto glasses,

When it comes to your bike, first of all, evaluate how far you have to go, and if the total mileage on the route exceeds five to six thousand kilometers, change the engine oil and check the gearbox.

After maintenance (a few days before departure), ride a motorcycle to identify possible under-tightened nuts or other technical issues.

Of course, you should pay special attention to the tires. Your tires should be new. If you change tires to new ones before going on a tour, it is better to opt for models that guarantee minimal abrasion.

A large number of tire tests and the information on the manufacturers’ websites allow you to find tire models adapted for long asphalt tracks.

To take the luggage, your bike has to be equipped with special luggage racks. It is better to think about them in advance. There are central wardrobe trunks, side, and simple moto bags. All of these options affect mobility, so you have to choose a proper one that befits your bike exactly.

Of course, you can’t forget about the first-aid kit. You can pack it by yourself, or buy a simple auto first-aid kit. Pack into your bag, or put it into the inside pocket of your jacket for quick access.



If with the preparation of the motorcycle, everything is clear, with self-preparation, everything is a little more complicated. To begin with, it is important to understand that the most important condition when riding a motorcycle is safety; the key to it is “no danger.”

You should soberly evaluate your own skills, and riding a motorcycle, I assure you, can be very overheated. Take some lessons in professional contra-emergency training school. Learn to develop sustainable skills and knowledge on driving a motorcycle in different conditions, whether on a freeway or dirty road after rain.

The next important aspect arises from the previous one: fitness. Probably, it is worth noting here that it is not so much about increasing muscle mass, as about endurance — the ability of the body to be in a stress state for a long time.

Of course, Europe trips don’t require you to be a super-athlete but keep in mind that the cause of accidents can be simple fatigue. Jumping rope, long-distance running, swimming, CrossFit workouts — all these activities help to improve endurance.

Considering the specifics of riding a motorcycle, I would recommend training with hands expander, as well as exercises in throwing and catching a tennis ball.

And, perhaps, the most important thing is calmness and poise. Remember, to win the race, you need to finish it. Moreover, the “finish” in this case will be your home. Just enjoy the process, look around, and relax. Try to preserve energy and concentration as much as possible.

5Do not forget about road maps or a navigator

Even if you think you know the upcoming route perfectly, be sure to bring along a navigator or a few detailed roadmaps. It is possible that during the trip, you will have to change the route, so a good map will never be excessive. Consider downloading some apps to your smartphone.

Get a navigator that works offline, look for several city maps, and don’t forget about the charging. So if your phone’s battery runs out of charge, you can always use a paper map.

I hope that with these tips you will understand how to prepare for a motorcycle trip. Bon voyage!