Problems in the bedroom may initially seem like a most difficult challenge. However, even the most romantic couples eventually find themselves confronted with issues such as inability to perform sexually, lack of desire, and general boredom.

However, all these types of problems do not entirely suggest that the relationship is no longer worth holding onto even though neglecting the problem often leads to infidelity from one or both partners in the relationship.

Whether you and your partner have been living together for a short while, or you are married for several years, the following simple solutions will help you spark excitement once again.

Healthy habits and lifestyle changes can increase libido, improve your sex life, and possibly attack problems such as erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. Did you know that sexual desire depends on a healthy cardiovascular system and overall good health? While it is true that the mental state is essential, your body must also be in its best state so you can enjoy it.

1Consider Potential Medical Concerns


While most couples would only consider the possibility of potential medical problems as a last resort, it would be best to rule it out as soon as possible and prevent further frustration. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction and even female medical conditions can be an imposing issue for couples who often feel unwilling to confront the issue.

However, as these are incredibly common issues, you can find out more about the use of viagra and all the crucial details on the exceptionally informative site Manual. Rather than disregard the possibility, it is best to establish the issue at hand as soon as possible to ensure your relationship can continuously thrive.

2Make an effort To Set The Mood


While most people disregard the elements of affection, this is the very reason why the sexual connection can become an uphill battle. Rather than focusing on the end goal, you and your partner should be making a constant active effort to connect through other aspects of intimacy, such as spending quality time together and sharing your deepest thoughts and opinions.

What’s more, particular research suggests that cuddling and kissing as often as possible during the day will effectively set the mood and keep the spark alive. While all the smaller details matter a great deal, you should also make the active effort to set the mood when necessary.

3Organize Your Thoughts


One of the more overlooked reasons couples have difficulty in the bedroom is simply because one or both partners are continually overthinking the issue at hand. Racing thoughts, stress, and anxiety can lead to the inability to perform sexually and feel a connection with your partner.

Rather than neglect your mental state, it would be best if you considered organizing your thoughts and sharing them with your partner. That will not just help you grow closer as a couple. Still, it will also effectively prevent ongoing comfortability concerns that you may be having with regards to your self-esteem, body-confidence, and others.

Other types of thoughts that may be lingering and keeping you from connecting with your significant other on a deeper level include possible unresolved conflicts that you and your partner may be having. It would be best to confront your partner and calmly resolve disputes healthily.

4Read erotic literature


You can opt for classics like Anaïs Nin or contemporary best-selling authors such as Megan Maxwell, Elisabet Benavent, or Noe Casado.

5Practice physical activity


Leading a healthy life will increase our overall well-being, which will result in a higher sexual drive since a sedentary lifestyle can be one of the leading causes of the loss of sexual appetite. Given this, physical exercise can improve our libido as it stimulates circulation, and this causes better erections and increased levels of excitement. Besides, practicing sports allows a higher production of testosterone, which will also lead to a more active sexual desire.

Among the physical activities that we can perform – although all are perfectly valid – one of the most recommended to achieve these purposes is yoga. This type of sport will help us enjoy fuller and more satisfying intimate relationships. Practicing yoga improves blood circulation and body muscles, causing increased flexibility, arousal, and lubrication and a reduction in stress.

Man doing sports have increased sexual desire.

6Stress reduction


Daily stress can cause loss of sexual desire. Therefore, any exercise, activity, or strategy that relaxes us will make a difference in our sexual relations because it will favor the release of tensions and a predisposition to enjoy intimate encounters with our partner.

Meditation, mindfulness, massages, or deep breathing exercises help increase sexual desire. It is also highly recommended to find a practice that can be quickly done on a day-to-day basis and that we can match in our schedule.

Otherwise, our stress levels may increase when trying to find time for its realization. In addition to everything mentioned, it is also essential to sleep well, as resting reduces our stress levels.

7Erotic lingerie


o shopping together and buy some erotic lingerie from a company like Not only for you, for both of you. Then, at home, you can perform a striptease. In will not only be fun, but it will bring fireworks.

8Sexual communication


It is vitally important that both you and your partner know each other’s tastes. Communication during sex – and also in different moments of intimacy – is an unbeatable way to enjoy sex much more and to understand you better. It is also an excellent technique to rekindle the passion since you will want to try what your partner has told you.

9Plan an erotic date


You can set a day, a date, and a specific scenario to practice the sexual act. It must be a day off, when you have all the time in the world and when you are not stressed out.

Talk about how you want that meeting to be and plan it in detail so that when the long-awaited moment arrives, you feel like it, and you already know how to act. Let the imagination run wild!

10Foods that increase sexual desire


It is well known that there are aphrodisiac foods, so do not hesitate to use them. Dark chocolate, honey, strawberries, mango, oysters, asparagus, red wine, or cinnamon, for example. Do not hesitate to consume them.

As you can see, there are different ways to increase sexual desire. It is best to test to identify which method best suits your situation. However, if the decrease in sexual desire persists, it is advisable to go to a specialist.