Whether you’re simply tired of your natural eye color or in need of more glamorous eyes for an upcoming occasion, color contact lenses offer a convenient way to freshen up your look.

Color contact lenses are now available from a number of trusted brands in a disposable style and can be used as an alternative to conventional lenses. You can use them to change your eye color each season, or even just match an outfit or makeup for a distinct look.

1Key Advantages of Color Contact Lenses


Color contact lenses are available in a full range of colors as shown at that can either transform your natural eye color for a completely new look or enhance your current color to complement your other features. When you choose disposable lenses, you have the freedom to change them at a moment’s notice; you’ll also benefit from a fresh pair of lenses that can make your eyes healthier.

One of the biggest benefits of color contact lenses is you don’t need a prescription to wear them. Many brands now offer non-prescription lenses that are used to enhance or change eye color for aesthetic reasons only. You can create a dramatic look that mascara and eye shadow cannot achieve, and then discard the lenses after use.

2Disadvantages of Color Contact Lenses

If you purchase color contact lenses without a prescription, the biggest challenge is finding a pair that fits comfortably and does not irritate the eyes. Most people can wear standard contact lenses without any problems, but in some cases, the lens does not fit properly and may cause vision problems and irritation.

Testing out a pair of contacts is the best way to determine if this is a good choice for you. Many optometrists offer trial lenses in different sizes so you can find the best match for your eyes.

Another disadvantage of color contacts is short-term use. If you want to create the effect of a permanent eye color change, you’ll need to invest in a pair of disposable contact lenses on a regular basis. This can become costly if you traditionally do not wear contact lenses to improve your vision.

3How to Pick the Right Color


Choosing the color of your contacts depends on a number of factors including your skin tone, hair color, and the overall look you are trying to achieve. Check and find available option on

If you have olive or beige-colored skin, the best choices for colored contacts can be found on the brighter end of the spectrum. Consider enhancing already-brown eyes with amber-brown or orange tones for high impact. You can also create a dramatic look with grays, dark blues, and even green.

If you have light or fair skin, green, hazel, and even dark brown can create a unique and attractive look. If you have red or brown hair with reddish undertones, green-colored contacts can create an especially high-contrast look.

If you have dark skin, your best choices are dark brown, black, and even reddish browns that complement your skin rather than stand in contrast. You might also choose a bewitching look with a bright color such as hazel, blue, honey-colored, or opaque brown lens.

4Trusted Brands for Contact Lenses

As colored contact lenses become even more popular, a number of companies have created unique color combinations and styles in colored lenses. The most trusted brands available today include:

-Acuvue 2 Color

-Ciba Vision

-Freshlook Colorblends and Freshlook Dimensions

-Durasoft 3 Opaques


Each of these brands offers variations of classic shades, and it’s easy to find lighter and darker versions of your favorite color in opaques and softer color ranges.

The most important things to remember when choosing contact lenses are how often you’ll be wearing them, how comfortable they feel, and which colors will complement your skin tone. You can enjoy a unique and dramatic look with just the right color combination, and trying a few different styles and designs is the best way to find the perfect match.