Travel and exploration lovers have always been drawn to Africa, one of the most amazing places in the world. To that land of smiles on the one side and penury on the other, which will make your emotions a rollercoaster. In only one day, it could lift you up to heaven countless times with its warmth and love and trap you with great poverty in almost every step of the way.

To the east of this second largest continent, there’s Kenya – a true African microcosm. With more than fifty of the world’s most beautiful national parks, this country hides the true magical appeal of Africa. The highlands, the desert, the second largest mountain on the continent, the Indian Ocean, incredible wildlife… Just a tiny fraction of what it has to offer. We’re bringing a couple of truly magnificent features that’ll make you want to book your ticket right away.

1Easy visa application

Well, in order to be able to hit the road and conquer this lovely country, you’ll need a tourist visa. The best option is to get help from the companies that could make sure your application process goes smoothly and easily.

One of them is eVisa-Kenya, which will let you do the whole job from the comfort of your home. The only thing you need is the copies of all necessary documents and goodwill.

2Amazing nature


The major detail that you simply can’t miss when visiting Kenya is the discovery of its innumerable habitats. Thanks to its equatorial geographical location, it has a large number of different parks and nature reserves.

Here you can find extensive beaches of fine sand, but also plains that move away until they’re lost from sight; mountains, glaciers, salt, and freshwater lakes, deserts and national parks where fauna and flora roam in total freedom.

And which national park to choose? On a beautiful lake named Nakuru, you’ll be able to see adorable pink flamingos that you won’t see anywhere else. The advantage of Amboseli lake is a large number of elephants and views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Tsavo is the largest and oldest national park with the highest chance of seeing a leopard somewhere around. And Masai Mara… it’s the most popular national park because of the large animal migration you can experience – you’ll almost certainly see at least three animals like lions, bison or elephant, plus hundreds of zebras, gnats, hyenas, and giraffes.

And that’s not even a half of the species that might welcome you here. Kenya is extremely blessed with some of the most amazing landscapes and wildlife shows in the world – and you should consider yourself lucky to be able to see those world miracles.

3Lovely culture and tribes


Another reason to travel to Kenya is meeting a variety of tribes that reside in the country’s borders. The most famous is that of the Masai, an extraordinary tribe of warriors who wear red robes and always welcome and greet visitors. In addition, you can enjoy a typical dance and see their houses, both outside and inside.

They’re definitely the most popular African ethnicity on the planet and their effort to maintain their traditions is a fascinating experience to see and witness. You’ll discover what the manyatta is, or their traditional adobe-based houses, witness their traditional dances and share with them some unforgettable moments.

However, the truth is that in this country there are no less than 40 tribes, among which are El Molo who also keep maintaining and cherishing their traditional ways of life, very different from those of Western cultures. Apart from that, Kenyans, in general, are nice, helpful people, with mild personality and a lot of sense of humor. Their joviality and eagerness for jokes will surprise you and make your trip a unique experience.

4Beautiful beaches


With more than 500 kilometers of beaches that face the turquoise Indian Ocean, deserted beaches of infinite white sand and sea beds of great beauty, Kenya is also one of the few destinations where you can practice a wide variety of water sports such as diving or simply snorkel in one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

After having spent whole days touring the natural reserves of Masai-Mara, Amboseli or Tsavo, you’ll feel like resting on one of the beaches on the south coast of Mombasa. Enjoy relaxing in the shade of a coconut palm, on the fine white sand and with your feet soaking in the warm turquoise waters. Kenya offers many reasons to relax, and this is one of them.

5Irresistible safari


Safari means to travel in Swahili and it’s precisely in Kenya where its beauty immensely culminated. In addition to the traditional ones made in 4×4 vehicles or trucks, tourists can ride camels or see the endless landscapes from a balloon. You can also do bicycle safaris such as the one in Hell’s Gate or even on horseback as it’s also possible on Mount Kenya.

Getting to know its fauna and flora up close, touring the plains of the Masai Mara reserve or the Tsavo National Park, making safaris, where you find yourself almost face to face with wildebeest, zebras, lions or elephants, are at ease… It’s a memorable way to have this country in your mind for the rest of your life.

6Powerful Nairobi


If you’ve decided to visit Kenya, there’s no way you can miss visiting its capital, Nairobi. The construction of the East African railway turned Nairobi into a strategic center in commercial exchanges.

Today Nairobi is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, which deserves a stop to enjoy the many leisure options it offers or to discover the jewels of the colonial past and the history of Kenya.

It’s also a great city for animal lovers who don’t plan safaris – make sure you visit Nairobi National Park with a large number of animals and even a rhino which is quite difficult to see in other national parks. There’s also the Elephant Orphanage which takes care of baby elephants without mothers and the Giraffe Centre, caring for rare Rothschild giraffes.

7Great infrastructure

Despite being a country that has intact places and landscapes, Kenya is one of the African countries with the best network of tourist infrastructure and hotels throughout the country. It provides visitors with all kinds of services – you’re able to find the accommodation that’ll suit you in almost any corner of the country.

Many people think that Kenya is a poor country – however, its magnificent tourist infrastructure enabled safari organizers to perform with all the comforts you could ever imagine. In addition, it offers luxury tourist establishments at incredible prices, great meals, wonderful treatment and a whole network of services prepared for you to enjoy this unique space on the planet.