As you probably know, Kansas City is famous for its restaurant and dishes, both local and from all over the world. The reputation of its restaurants is known all over the United States. If you know anyone from Kansas City, then you know that everyone from the largest city of the state of Missouri has its own opinion when it comes to where you should go to eat and what to order. It is especially popular as the city when you can find some of the best barbecue options you can find in the whole of the US. However, you should know that this city has much more to offer than food. We are going to present to you some of the reasons you should visit Kansas City.

4Jazz’s Childhood

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People from this city say that their city was responsible for the growing up of jazz, despite him being born in New Orleans. This was the place where jazz evolved. Also, it is widely known that the prohibition did have too much influence on the lives of these people. Today, in this city you can find around 40 jazz bars and live music every day. Some of the places are under the protection of UNESCO for their contribution to music.

3Many Movies Were Filmed Here

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Because of the beauty of this city, it was pinpointed as one of the favorite places for Hollywood directors for filming their movies. Some of them even have a tour that you can take and see some of the most memorable places you saw only on TV. This is not a surprise. Have you seen the mountains that surround this beautiful city? They are both memorable and atmospheric. For example, some of the locations appeared on the “Bird” or “Kansas City”.

2Sleeping in an Old Brewery

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Just imagine the situation where you are leaving the airport, you are checking in the hotel, for example, Four Points by Sheraton Kansas City Airport, which you reserved through The next morning you want to find a bar where you can drink some beer. The night goes on, and you see that it is pretty late. What would you say that there is an old brewery where you can spend a night, in case you are too tired to go to your home or apartment? You’ll be happy to know that this brewery is also an art gallery that displays only local artists.

1Antiquers are going to be Ecstatic

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This exceptional city has one neighborhood that resembles a combination of old and a new world. On the first weekend of each month, you can see a plethora of antique shops that are displaying all of their merchandise. Furthermore, there are some food trucks that are going to supply This neighborhood is a great place you can have some drinks. Also, this neighborhood is famous for its displays for Halloween. You can even see some haunted houses that resemble ones you can find in Louisiana. You should check it out most definitely.


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