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What a year it has been for gaming, with a large number of exciting releases for fans. 2024 already looks set to follow suit and as it draws ever nearer. Before the start of the year, many fans were using the latest promo from to support the market for the top game of 2024.

So, with this being the case, here we cover the top five releases of the year and just how successful they have been.

5FIFA 20


In at number five is FIFA 20, which was a later release this year in September. Published by Electronic Arts, it was yet another release from the incredibly successful series. Amazingly enough, this is now the 27th game to date, and interest does not appear to be slowing. The game is available across all major platforms as expected that includes the usual Xbox One and PS4.

Belgium international and Real Madrid star Eden Hazard was picked to be the player on the new cover of the original edition, with Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk on the Champions edition, following him leading the club to their sixth Champions League title last season.

The success of the game has been clear as FIFA continues to dominate the sports gaming field. Since it has also now seen it pick up multiple awards to establish its success further. This includes winning the Best Multiplayer Game at the 2024 Golden Joystick awards.

4Resident Evil 2


Number four in the list is Resident Evil 2, which was released at the start of the year in January. This was another successful release and was the remake of the original Resident Evil 2. It was released that they would be redoing this game in 2015, following the success of the same process on the first game.

Resident Evil 2 is available to buy across all the usual platforms and has received glowing reviews. They have also now surprisingly surpassed sales from the original, meaning more than five million copies of the game have been sold worldwide. The game has also now picked up several awards that include winning the Best Audio and Ultimate game of the year at the Golden Joystick awards.

3Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


Third, the list is another game to have been released in the early period of the year, this being Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. As expected, it was released across all the usual major platforms.

Ubisoft published the game, which was the sequel to the original Tom Clancy’s The Division that hit that market back in 2016. That game had received some negative reviews, but this completely changed with this new game. This game saw great improvement across a whole host of areas include in the campaign and hugely popular online options.

It was the top seller the week it was released, and its high success has followed with the nominations it has now received for several awards. This includes the Best Multiplayer Game at the Game awards.

2Gears 5


Number two in the list is one of the most successful series to have been released in Gears of War. This was Gears 5, which was the sixth game to be released. The Coalition was the provider and was another to be released across the usual major platforms. Gears 5 also received glowing reviews and also extended their multiplayer offering with a three-player local split-screen.

The game was played by millions and millions of players when first released and duly passed the previous records set by Halo 4 from Microsoft. Its success was further indicated with the fact it was put up for 11 awards, and also now won three of these. This includes winning the Best action game at the Titanium awards.

1Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


It comes as no surprise to many that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tops the list as the leading game of the year. It was again Activision who published the game and the 17th released in the hugely successful series.

This game was the remake made of the previous Modern Warfare game that had been released. It hit the market in October and was available across all the major platforms. Praise has followed for the game, with the multiplayer option again being one of the key reasons behind this. This has continued to draw players to the game over the years.

The sales record for the game has been nothing short of jaw-dropping, with it earning over $600 million within the first three days of its release. This meant it became the highest-selling game in the Call of Duty franchise and broke numerous sales records. This includes the best opening in Activision’s history. The game has now been put up for eight awards and won three of these already. This includes winning the Best Audio Design at the Game awards 2019.