While the energy efficiency of any building can be improved with just better insulation or by installing things like double glazing, there is still a lot more than homes and businesses can do to improve their heating efficiency. By installing a heat recovery system, any house or business can receive all the benefits it may deliver. If you are interested in installing a heat recovery systems and want to know all about its benefits, make sure you keep reading.

The main appeal of HRVS or Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems is the supply of fresh and warm air in a constant flow. When you open a window to let some fresh air come in, you will lose a large amount of heat that will have to be replaced by your heating system which will result in more energy spent ultimately increasing your energy bills.

Since you are creating a self-contained environment with this ventilation system, your air will be considerably cleaner and better for you, your family or your employees.

This constant supply of warm air through the heat recovery system can reduce a lot of your energy costs because the temperature in the environment will be constant. However, the benefits of heat recovery systems stretch well beyond just simple energy savings.

The ventilation will also reduce things like condensation and humidity that can cause serious health issues and even affect walls or furniture over time. The improved air quality also means that your home or your office is not filled with irritants like dust or pollen since the ventilation is thoroughly filtered if maintained properly. Heat recovery systems also lower the levels of carbon dioxide.

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1Benefits of heat recovery systems for commercial buildings


Businesses can even get much greater benefits from HRVS because they tend to use much more energy. Here are some of those benefits:

– Large scale boilers that are used to warm up offices or company buildings can be fitted with flues that can be used to improve the heating efficiency.

– With HRVS you can supply a constant and much cleaner air for your employees at any time of the year, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer with this technology.

– Installing a flue economizer on a large scale boiler can also increase its lifetime because it won’t be subjected to high temperatures that may cause wear and tear.

– Commercial buildings will get much greater reductions in energy costs since they will be using the ventilation systems or boilers much more efficiently.

– If you have a properly installed HRVS you will also be reducing the levels of carbon dioxide that is emitted from the boilers.

– Companies get praise when using more greener methods for heating.

2Benefits of HRVS in industrial plants


There is a wide range of heat recovery systems that can recover lost heat in industrial plants or large factories. The amount of energy that industries lose through emissions can be reduced greatly by using a heat recovery system.