Thanks to the democratization of travel information and surprisingly low prices of international flights, people around the globe are venturing out to see what the world is like for themselves.

Whether it be for social media, as a graduation present, or just a “treat yourself” situation, traveling is a wonderful way to enrich one’s life for the better. Of course, along with the new market for jet-setting hopefuls comes a whole wave of products surrounding the notion. There are travel socks, there are travel sweaters, there’s fashionable luggage, and there are even special apps you can buy to help you get some sleep while on the plane.

But what many of these fail to address is that not all of us will be hopping on the plane first class. And if that’s the case, we’re going to need some seriously space-conscious and ergonomic means of packing and lugging around out stuff. This holiday season, give your friends and family a gift that will not only save them time and money but a whole lot of space in the overhead bin.

1Travel Backpack


When you’re traveling about, the idea of being holed up in a hotel while the world passes you by doesn’t seem like a very appetizing idea. The point of being in a new place is to explore.

This is why backpacks are the most convenient and popular option for traveling. It’s so synonymous with fun holiday travel that there’s a term for it: backpacking. But not all backpacks are built the same. There are the ones constructed for hiking, and others constructed for the school. But for travel? You’re going to need some highly specific details to compliment your trip. Take features, for example.

If you’re a guy, there’s more of a chance that you’ll be carrying fewer accessories and smaller items. That may be a bit of a generalization, but when dealing with populations, men having fewer individual and small items tend to ring true. If you compare male-centric backpacks with these ones, you’ll find that there are more well-placed pockets perfect for accessories, different leggings, scrunchies, etc.

There is just more attention to detail when it comes to women’s bags. Plenty of guys are sticklers for accessories and leggings, yes. But we know a whole lot that is content with just stuffing everything into a sack and going on their merry way.



If there’s any bag that’s turning heads lately, it’s a pouchette. It’s essentially a smaller sized handbag that fits just the essentials. They’re stylish, timeless, and portable. They have the same functionality as a satchel, without all that extra loose fabric. It’s clean, to the point, and a perfect addition to your gift list.

They aren’t imposing like other bags. There’s an accent to them and a simplicity in design that can be added to gowns, casual dress, or even shorts and a T-shirt. The function of having a smaller bag is not only stylish, it gets one to focus on the essentials. Instead of a bottomless pit of lipstick, tissues, old receipts, and chewing gum, a pouchette gets one to think about what they need for the afternoon and stick to it.

3Modern Clutch


Clutch bags have a reputation for being a more dressed up accessory. This is not always the case. There are plenty of options out now that is something of a cross between a giant wallet and a small laptop sleeve.

They fall under the classification of a modern clutch. These awesome gifts are perfectly functional for the stylish student on the go, as well as the young-gun professional. They’re cool, come in a whole bunch of designs, and add a bit of oomph to an already great get-up. They’re near perfect.

4Belt Bags


If you’ve been following fashion at all lately, you’d know that cross-body belt bags are the absolute thing right now. They came up during the explosion of hype-beast fashion and stuck due to their usefulness.

They take the obvious utility of a fanny pack and strip away all the “grandpa” stigma, replacing it with Tokyo/Seoul functionality and style. They also happen to be perfect for travel. If you’re at the airport and you’ve got all your stuff in this heavy bag, peeling it off and opening it to get even the smallest of items can be a complete drag.

If you’ve got the thing–like your wallet, phone, passport, and itinerary right at arms reach in front of you, you can just pull it out without even breaking a sweat. They’re so practical and stylish that using it for everyday carry is perfectly acceptable. If you’re the kind of person that loses things like keys, this is perfect for you.

If you find that your phone falls out of your pocket when you sit down, this is perfect for you, too. And if it’s this popular, you bet that giving it as a gift would be nothing short of a great idea.

5Messenger Bag


The mid-size option between the backpack and the belt bag is the good ole’ messenger bag. This kind of bag will always be in style. Yes, there are ups and downs in its popularity, but, like the backpack, it never really goes away.

When you’re opting for a messenger bag, you’re putting together a classic look and pairing it with anything. The touch of class and style harkens back to old safari chic and mid-2000s hipster looks.

No, you don’t need to revert to the metal and punk band patches and concert buttons. But if you can easily fit all your school stuff in there, along with your iPod color and personal diary, you can definitely fit plane tickets and trip itineraries.

Giving bags this holiday season is the perfect gift for the young and old alike. Travel is not relegated to any age. Enriching one’s perspectives with new ideas and new people is a lifelong pursuit. And there’s nothing more adorable than a family of matching travel bags.