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With the constant improvement of technology, it’s not too surprising that we can now do anything by using a device that we carry with us in our pockets all the time. Smartphones have indeed taken over the entire world and anything can be done on them, from keeping track of your bank records to gambling on online casino sites and downloading helpful apps to make your life easier.

Lately, the online casino industry has managed to adapt their platforms for smartphones and mobile gambling has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity among players because it’s like having a virtual casino right in your pocket and you can play it anytime and anywhere. It’s super convenient for everyone and it’s available by hitting just a few buttons on your touchscreen smartphone and downloading an app so you can play.

Downloading the app is quite easy but there are so many apps that offer casino games for money in online trusted casino like  that picking the right one for you might be tricky and you may end up with a few bad ones if you try just to guess which one is for you. This is why we prepared a few rules you can follow on how to pick the best apps for playing an online casino.

Factors to Consider When Picking an Online Casino

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The simplest way to decide which casino app is good or not is by checking out the reviews that the app has in the App Store or Play store by the other users of the app but the best app for you would involve more digging and checking other things as well. Going for an app is always a great choice but to make sure that the app you picked has everything you need, you should check out the following things:


Probably the most important thing you need to check when looking at casino apps is their security and what methods they use to ensure that you, as a user, are safe to play on their app without getting your information leaked or stolen. But without any doubt, today they take this very seriously and try to protect the player from possible scammers. Despite this, we ask you to carefully choose a site for playing online, pay through trusted payment systems.


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The ways the app has in store for you to transfer money. You’d want the app you picked to have your preferred method of money transfer so you can deposit some and start playing your favorite games right away. If the app doesn’t offer your method, then it’s definitely not for you.

Welcome Packages

Something that isn’t as crucial as the first two but is really nice to have is the welcome package the app has. Aim for an app that offers the most, so once you deposit some cash and start playing, you’ll receive a reward for joining which can be extra cash or bonus spins on your favorite slot, depending on the casino.

Variety of Games

Apps that have more games to offer are usually much better because once you get sick of playing on a game you can easily switch to another without picking a different gambling site to play at. So the amount of games available on the app is one of the things you need to check out before deciding.


We all love high jackpots because shooting for the moon is always fun, so the higher jackpots the gambling site has the better it will be for you.


The type of software the casino site uses to adapt to a smartphone is also important because if it’s not well adapted, there might be glitches and bugs happening in the middle of a winning streak and nobody wants that to happen to him or her. It’s definitely one of the most annoying things that can occur so to avoid this, checking out their software developer is wise to do.

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Despite the large selection of applications for online games, many people refuse to use them. The reason for this is the mistrust of the older generation of people, as well as the difficulty of use. Although most often applications for online games can be easily used even by a school student, this is very difficult for older people. But despite of this, people of any age are not averse to playing online and making some money just by sitting on the couch and pressing buttons on the phone. That all being said we’ve done the research for you and we can narrow it down to these best apps for playing online casino games:

  1. SpinCasino – It’s accepted in a lot of countries, has a great welcome bonus of up to 1000 EUR and its best feature is that it’s very mobile-friendly.
  2. BetwayCasino – this one is also accepted in many countries, has a bonus of up to 1000 EUR and it’s best feature is that it has extremely fast payments.
  3. JackpotCity – it’s accepted in many countries, has a welcome bonus of up to 1500 EUR and the best feature it offers is the slot machines it has.
  4. RoyalVegasOnlineCasino – accepted by a lot of countries, welcome bonus of up to 1200 EUR and the best feature is that it’s extremely trusted by players.
  5. PlatinumPlay – widely accepted in the world, has a welcome bonus of up to 1200 EUR and the best feature is that it’s well adapted for mobile play.