While the cold winter still persists throughout the world, that doesn’t stop people from enjoying a nice overseas or cross-country vacation.

Nowadays, the most convenient way of traveling is by plane. And while air travel has gotten significantly cheaper, its popularity has created other problems.

One such problem is airport parking. With all the people flying, the most common means of arriving at the airport is with a car or other vehicle. This, naturally, creates a problem of its own, a problem that can easily be described as a lack of parking space.

Every busy airport experiences this problem, and everyone arriving by car to the airport knows first-hand about the problem.

But, people usually underestimate this problem. With all the planning going around, the last thing on people’s mind is whether they will find a parking space or not. But it’s not only the parking space that people should be worried about.

Namely, most airports have a policy of free drop-off. This means that a person, family member or taxi driver, can drop you off at the airport without paying for any kind of fees. This is also the case for most parking spaces. In most countries, you are allowed between 15 and 30 minutes of free parking, otherwise, you pay the huge parking rate.

So, to help you out with this very inconvenient problem, we’ve got a few top tips on how to go about it. Without further ado, let’s get started.

4Determine the Policy at the Airport


We just talked about this, but let’s broaden it. As we said, different airports have different laws and policies regarding them. Some have plenty of space available to park your car, while others are very limited.

Some provide ramps where thousands of vehicles can pass through, but this is only the

case for the most popular ones around the world. So, chances are you’ll arrive at an airport with somewhat limited space; this can be a problem if you previously don’t do your research.

You can easily do a Google search, or visit the airport’s website, to determine its policy on parking. This is where you find information regarding accessibility, availability, and more. Some park lots are designed to welcome vehicles for specific terminals, while others not so much.

This is vital information that can save you a lot of time, and most importantly, money. This information can also make you not miss your flight if you happen to be in a rush.

As we mentioned, most aerodromes have different policies regarding parking, so it’s best to do your research on the matter.

If you happen to be flying somewhere, and you plan on arriving by car, then a brilliant way to determine the prices and costs for parking is to visit parkos. Here, you can compare parking to other aerodrome parking anywhere around Australia’s most prominent aerodromes.

3Book a Shuttle


The most obvious thing to do to escape this problem is to book a shuttle to take you there instead of driving yourself.

Shuttle services such as are becoming more and more popular, and their popularity has caused prices to be slashed. Shuttle services were previously somewhat expensive, but a competitive market has caused prices to stabilize, making them more affordable to the public.

With all that said, you hire a shuttle service by simply scheduling a vehicle. You can do this by eighter phone call, through an app, through their website, etc.

You give the service a specific time when to pick you up and a place from where to do it. They will calculate how much money it costs, and how much time it will take to arrive at the airport.

Shuttle services are very advanced, very convenient, and very affordable.

2Have a Family Member Take You Instead


This is a very common thing people do nowadays. Instead of going all by yourself and leaving the car somewhere where you’ll pay huge fees, or hire a shuttle service to take you, you can always ask a family member to drive you instead. This is not only a very feasible thing to do but one that kills two flies with one swing.

Namely, you will likely want to part ways with a family member when going on your vacation, or business trip, so why not part ways at the airport instead? Not only will you won’t pay any fees, but you won’t have to leave your car somewhere also.

Make sure to consider this one a lot, as it is the most feasible way to go about this problem and nuance.

1Arrive Early


The smartest thing you can do, regardless of what means of arriving you plan, is to arrive early at the aerodrome.

Always, and we mean always, plan at least an extra thirty minutes that will go into circling the car lot, taking the luggage, and passing through security.

So, if you planned to be there an hour earlier, scratch that and instead head there an hour and thirty minutes earlier. As regular travelers, trust us on this one as it will be a lifesaver when the moment comes.

When hiring a limo service or a shuttle service, this problem is somewhat lessened, as chances are they will be responsible for your luggage.

They are also responsible for arriving in time, safely, and accordingly with policies and laws. As soon as your driver takes you to your destination, he will also be responsible for everything else, in most cases.

Arriving early and planning on doing so will be very beneficial when determining your flights’ take-off time. Preparation can make a lot of things go smoothly, without any problems, and without any stress.

No one wants to miss their flight, and no one wants to pay huge parking fees. Regardless if you have the money or not, take the necessary precautions to plan on arriving early as your flight will not wait for you.

With all that said, these are some of our parking tips that will be a lifesaver when boarding your flight.