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Working outside on a cold weather can be quite bothersome as your hands tend to stiff and hurt. Thus, you cannot be as productive as you’d like to on a bright-but-cold winter day. What’s more, stiff hands can cause you to lose control of a power tool or vehicle, which can have detrimental effects. Hence, if you want to work outside during cold weather, you definitely need a good pair of gloves to keep your hands warm and pain-free. To help you choose the best ones on the market, we’ve carefully and thoroughly examined a number of models. Visit this site if you want to check the best women’s gloves for winter. In this article, we’ll focus only on the best women’s leather gloves for working in the cold.

7Give’r 4-Season Glove

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The company which designed and sells these gloves is relatively new on the market. However, in such a short time, they’ve managed to become known as one of the best winter glove brands. Their 4-season model has it all when it comes to what a winter glove should look like and be made of.

The Give’r 4-Season unit is made of premium leather construction, outstanding styling, and a completely waterproof design. This product will keep your hand warm thanks to the warm Thinsulate synthetic fill. You can use them for everyday outdoor use, as well as for skiing.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the unit comes with a higher price tag. So, it’s the only downside is the price, but other than that, these are the best gloves for a variety of uses.

6Carhartt WB Glove

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Carhartt, a U.S. based apparel company, has a large lineup of gloves, which makes it hard to choose the best model. However, their WB product is definitely worth mentioning. The reasonably soft material, waterproof membrane, nose wipe, and reinforced palm, make this unit among the best on the market. The product is quite affordable, which means that it is a great value for money.

This affordable product does come with some pitfalls. In fact, WB contains a thin layer of cheap synthetic insulation, which might not be enough to keep your hands super warm. But if you’re looking for an affordable model, this is the perfect choice for you.

5Hestra Fall Line

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This model is not only among the best products on the market but also a real work of art. Hestra, a Swedish company, has brought its Fall Line glove, and it immediately became the favorite model on the market. This leather product is tough and comfortable. It provides enough insulation and cushioning on the back of the hand.

What’s more, the Fall Line model is made to last, and you’ll be able to use them over and over again. However, when it comes to the price tag, we must say it’s quite expensive. The feel and the quality of this product are outstanding, and if you want to have them, you’ll have to pay for it. Another pitfall worth noting is that these gloves aren’t completely waterproof, but if you treat the leather properly, you will keep it from soaking excessive moisture.

4Black Diamond Midweight Softshell

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If you want a model which comes with exceptional breathability and comfort features, the Softshell gloves are the model you need. The Black Diamond’s Midweight Softshell model is an excellent choice for everyday use, as well as some high-output activities during the winter. You’ll love the snug fit and goat leather palm. Hence, you’ll be able to grip tools without any issue, and the 60-gram insulation will keep you warm.

Buyers love the touchscreen functionality on the thumb and index finger and low-profile design. However, you should remember that this model is not as stretchy and flexible as you would like from a product aimed at manual work. What’s more, the Midweight isn’t waterproof enough, which is a huge downside for a great model like this one.

3REI Co-op Guide Insulated

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REI Co-op, a popular American outdoor company, has made one of their best in-house line of gloves. The Guide Insulated are mostly leather model which is perfectly mixed with softshell on the back on the hand. This is a unisex model that features a suede nose wipe on the thumb. The combo of synthetic fill and a fleece lining offer moderate insulation, and you can buy the model for a very reasonable price.

You’ll love the durable leather palms, its versatility, and fully waterproof construction. You’ll feel comfortable wearing them when working outside during the winter months. They are the perfect model to use for anything from chopping wood to backcountry skiing.

2Marmot Basic Work Glove

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The Marmot Basic Work model is a durable, stylish, and dexterous product. It is a standard leather model that is ideal for daily use, as well as trail maintenance or chopping wood. The soft brushed tricot lining inside the model provides outstanding comfort, warmth, and moisture-wicking. Hence, for a fairly reasonable price, you get a durable leather product with a warm inner lining.

This model is a performance piece. However, note that it isn’t completely waterproof, which can be a big downside during the cold winter months.

1Flylow Gear Ridge

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This classic model is a perfect combination of pigskin leather, elastic cuff, and Sno-Seal waterproofing. The Flylow Gear Ridge model offers unmatched performance, as well as, outstanding comfort you’ll easily get used to. Its affordable price will let you forget that it might not be the warmest leather model on the market.

Nevertheless, it’s important to mention that this product is prone to packing out, which means you won’t use it for a long time. But, being a budget-friendly option and offering the comfort it provides, it definitely had to be on our list.

Therefore, if you enjoy working outside, don’t let the cold weather stop you. You can now purchase good quality leather gloves and get your outdoor work done without any issues.