In this technological era, it is almost impossible not to have devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Due to this, the children too are hooked up on such devices. And with internet connectivity on almost all the devices, they surf and browse different platforms and websites. Though there is a lot of stuff that helps children positively, at times it makes them vulnerable. Different apps and websites like do help a great deal in blocking access to sites that may harm them but it is the parents’ responsibility to educate them and make them aware of the adversaries of the internet. Here is a list of things that the children should not be doing online.

6Watch inappropriate content

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Thousands of websites showcase content that is not suitable for children. This includes porn, adult movies, nudity, etc. Children may, deliberately or not, land onto pages with content that may be ill-suited to them. To prevent all of this, parents can avail of parental control feature to block the websites that are inappropriate for children.

5Posting Personal information

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In this world where everyone is sharing something or the other, information becomes very vital. Children might post or share personal details on some websites that may be misused. Parents need to communicate with their kids and tell them what sort of information is confidential and the dangers of sharing it online.

4Talk to or meet strangers

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Another dangerous element of the internet is strangers gaining access to your kids or their whereabouts. This is riskier than real life. The Internet offers many platforms and channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc through which strangers can contact the kids. The scary part is that the kids will not be aware of where the danger can be lurking. Parents must hold healthy discussions with their kids and make sure that they are not engaging with strangers on the internet.

3Download malicious apps

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Different app stores like Google Play, Apple Store, etc offers millions of apps for our use. Most of them are there for productivity, entertainment, etc. But many malicious apps gain access to your information illegally or install programs without your consent. This can compromise your privacy and safety. To avoid this, tell your kids to ask for your permission before they download any app.

2Suffer from bullying online

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Cyber- Bullying is a harsh reality that is carried out on the internet. Your kids may become a victim of the same. And when that happens, it can seriously harm them emotionally. The worst part is that they will not even tell about it to their parents. Parents should take note of the behavior of their kids and carefully observe the reactions when their kids interact with other children online. This way they can notice if something is wrong and help them recover from bullying.

1Creating an account on Social media platforms

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Nowadays there are many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc. All of these platforms lure children to open an account and create a profile. However, the minimum age required to open an account varies from platform to platform. Parents should check whether their kids have a presence on any social media platforms and whether they are legally allowed to do. But keeping a check on this will not be easy. Parents should talk to their children about it and tell them about the pros and cons of their online presence. Also, what they should do and what they should not do must be communicated. Most importantly, parents should check the privacy control settings on the social media platforms where the kids have a profile.


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