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The era of games brought with itself much more than just pure joy and fun. It’s inevitable fact to admit that still, there are some games with the inexplicable, rather confusing and intimidating view of their fun and joy that defies the law of “normal” and yet, they do not need to be popular to attract the glimpses of our eyes. The way they just are is enough to speak for itself.

5Sad Satan

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This game attracted attention in June 2015 when YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner uploaded a video of this game. The morning itself is still unknown for the world but there is some speculation that this game might be coming from deep dark weeb. Yet, those are just stories for another time.

This, so-called game, seemingly doesn’t have the actual goal during an entire playthrough, it’s just based on walking through the brick maze, with blurred surroundings, going from one room to another, followed by some un defy music. While playing, some old photos of the child and gory pictures of dead bodies appear, going in and out, lasting for a few seconds and then, disappearing for good. Screams can be heard during the entire game. It’s spooky and not for weak hearted, I beat on that.

If you are a fan of horror games, spiced up with some occult-religious stuff, don’t miss a chance and have some fun.

4Goat simulator

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Don’t know that most of you are going to agree with me, but the Goat simulator, created by Coffe stain studio in 2016  is something odd if you ask me.

Yes, this game can be compared with other simulator games, and yes most of the simulator is called simulator for the reason, so it can represent real-world situations; but flying goat with a stuck-out tongue that is a long way, beyond normal is everything but normal. I do not want to judge and be cruel but this game gives more then it represents for some players.

As the games name tells, the whole drama is based on a third-person perspective as you play, you guessed, like a goat and it is really popular in the last years.

You can kick people, stick your tongue for every random object you want, ruin and turn everything to wreckage if you are desired, totally free to do whatever you want.

If you are a fan of simulator games and a big fan of making havoc of moderns world amenities but you can not do it in reality, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to release those urges. Enjoy!

3Mister mosquito

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This game comes from Japan from studio ZOOM inc. and it was released in June 2001.

The mosquito that we are talking about is in the house of the Yamada family, trying to stick up blood for the winter season. Of course, his obstacles are the dwellers of the house, but also his pray too.

This game was really popular when it was released, still attracts attention as the weird one amongst many, coming to terms with the fact that there are moments in the game when people are taking bath during gameplay, from which you have to suck blood from.

The goal is to suck as much blood as you can, without being caught and shattered into little pieces by some of the householders. There is an option of flying and collecting other bonuses, so yea, if I caught your attention, you might be interested in this.

Besides, Japanese games are pretty much unique on their way with their specific color, texture, and language. So, one more reason to try this game out.

2Surgeon simulator

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Here we are, yet another simulator game for today. This one is, let’s say, realistic.

Created by Bossa studios in 2013, this game has attracted a lot of attention since.

It’s the first-person simulator where you play as Nigel Burke, surgeon and we have his patient, Bob who immediately needs an operation, depending on the case based on the level of the game.

What’s interesting and cool about this game is, that, it lets you play an easy mood without feeling guilty of hearting Bob. Even if, out of the blue, it turns out that he has internal hemorrhage caused by your bad decisions, you still have a chance of saving his life with no panicking, with one simple syringe injection. And, even like that’s not enough, to avoid your doctor’s nightmare, you still got another chance to try if you lose him.

If you ever dreamed of doing brain or heart transplantation, this is the game for you. Try it out, not like you gonna do something bad. Bob had it coming.

1Who’s Your Daddy?

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Oh boy, like we didn’t have enough.

This game is made by Joe Williams in 2015, and yea, another simulator game, I guess. The plot of the game is based on father and baby, which is trying to kill itself in many different ways, and father who is trying to prevent all of that.

As I said, another unfortunate simulator of real-life situations.

This is a multiplayer game, and there are plenty of ways how a baby can succeed in her master plan. By sticking its fingers in the plug on the wall, drinking chemicals, swallowing consistent objects and many other creative ways. Yes, this game brought a lot of fun and enjoyment to the people who played it, but still, it’s enough bizarre to position this game on this list. Played this game myself and it knows to be fun. If you have a buddy and you need some sick moments to laugh at, enjoy!

And here you go. I hope I didn’t surprise you that much even though games can do, sometimes. We can all agree upon one fact, and that we are not all the same. Some people just like doing and playing stuff that is not usual for an average person. It still can be fun and amusing when played with friends. Who knows, maybe you will like some of these games that I allocated for you. As I previously said, enjoy!