If you are looking to find the best weapons in Division 2, then you have come to the right place. The number of guns available in Division 2 is huge; there are multiple variants of every single weapon, so it is not an easy task to find out which weapons in Division 2 are the absolute best.

I have spent over 200 hours in the game and in my time exploring through the world of Washington D.C, I probably used every single weapon in the game. This is why I made a list of the top 5 weapons in Division 2.

1M60 Light Machine Gun


Probably a huge favorite for a lot of players in the whole game, the M60 LMG is a powerhouse. Light Machine Guns are usually not as great for long-range combat because of the insane recoil and kickback, but the M60 deals ridiculous DPS or damage per second, putting it almost at the top of all automatic weapons and can fire 100 bullets before running out.

Whether you want to use this gun as your mid-range or close-range weapon boils down to the type of weapon mods you put on it. Focus on increasing the critical damage and hit chance, damage to elites or improvement in range, stability, and accuracy. If you can raise the critical hit chance up to at least 40%, with 100 rounds per mag, that is a lot of critical hits.



The chatterbox is an exotic SMG that requires several steps before you can get it. This weapon has a critical hit chance of about 15% which is pretty high for an SMG. When you first obtain it in WT4, it has around 8k damage out, fires 650 rounds per minute and can hold 60 bullets in a mag. Their stats can be modified with your weapon attachments and your gear, so you can customize your weapon to suit your type of playstyle.

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This pistol is one of the many Divison 2 Exotic Weapons. In WT4, the Liberty can do over 40 thousand damage per shot, 150 rounds per minute and an 8 round mag. Aiming down the sights of this weapon highlights all the enemy weak points and electronics. It also deals an extra 100% damage to all hostile electronics.

4Sweet Dreams


The Sweet Dreams is an exotic shotgun, which has about 100k damage when acquiring it in WT4 and fires 70 RPM with eight shells before reloading. Melee attacking after swatting to the shotgun will give you a 35% bonus armor buff. The second talent is called the Sandman which prevents enemies you hit with a melee attack from applying armor kits or healing.

5Mk16 Assault Rifle


You can’t really go wrong with any of the assault rifles offered in the, however, the Mk16 has the longest range available and it is great if you are using it alongside an SMG. It has one of the slowest RPM rates in the assault rifle class, but this can help with faraway targets. For this weapon, you can use mods that improve the stability and accuracy, which will help you destroy targets at mid and long-range.