Whether you use it to keep up with your friends or to follow one of your favorite celebrities, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms of all time. Where else can your friends hype you up every time they post some crazy video or a hot selfie? Even though all of us think that we have the best account with the best content, here are some of the most popular celebrities who have mastered the way this platform works. They have realized that their Instagram popularity is a money-making machine, and they have accumulated crazy amounts of followers that we can only dream of getting. Here are the top 5 most-followed and most popular celebrities on Instagram

5Cristiano Ronaldo

img source: newsweek.com

Cristiano is one of the world’s leading soccer players in the world if not the best. He is currently playing for Juventus F.G. He is also a part of the Portugal National Team, as well as their captain. He often posts pictures of him showing off his amazing soccer skills or all the amazing places he has visited during his career in soccer. You can also see him sometimes just chilling in his hotel, showing that even the greatest soccer player in the world needs some time to take a moment.

He currently has a following of about 186 million people.

4Ariana Grande

img source: rollingstone.com

It is probably impossible to not have heard about Ariana Grande previously. This chart-topping and record-breaking singer is constantly making the Instagram “headlines”. At just the age of 26, she managed to rack up 160 million followers on her Instagram, which is absolutely insane. She usually posts pictures goofing off with their friends, chilling at some ridiculous mansion-like apartments or sharing some behind-the-scenes pictures from her amazing concerts.

3Selena Gomez

img source: wallpapercave.com

Not only she is a famous actor, but also an even more famous singer. A few years ago she used to hold first place for the most Instagram followers, before Ronaldo and Ariana Grande took her down to the third place. However, having almost 150 million followers is still very impressive. She occasionally posts about the projects she is working on, and more casual, fun photos and selfies.

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2Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

img source: entrepreneur.com

You might know him from one of the biggest movie franchise, The Fast And Furious, or from his old WWE days. The Rock constantly posts motivational videos to help his followers, his intense workout sessions or fun and casual pictures with his family. In the last few years, he managed to rack up some serious followers, reaching 159 million of them.

1Kylie Jenner

img source: assets.com

Kylie Jenner is a true example of an influencer that is making tons of money through her Instagram and followers. She created a makeup brand that she shows off on a daily basis whether through her posts and stories, and her makeup brand’s account has more followers than most people on the platform. When she’s not posting her awesome lip kits, she is showing off her beautiful daughter Stormi, and the fun they are having together.