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Even amid numerous technological advancements, email remains an important, relevant marketing and productivity tool. It is one of the main forms of communication between colleagues, clients, and businesses and as such, they can be overwhelming, especially if your inbox gets flooded with numerous emails daily.

Employees spend an average of 13 hours a week on correspondence emails alone which greatly affects their productivity, especially if businesses do not have proper email management tools. These productivity gaps can be detrimental to companies, causing major losses annually and this is why having the right management software is essential. So here are some tools that can help you organize your inbox, save time, and boost your productivity.


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It is extremely useful for developing and increasing productivity. It enables you to write better emails, schedule them to be sent out later, be informed when your message has been read, and get notified when a recipient is not responding. You can also set up reminders, track readability, and it is available as an app as well, enabling you to manage your inbox on a mobile device.

4 The Email Game

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If you are looking to increase your daily productivity, this is another great tool for you. It gives you only three minutes and several action options such as to reply now, schedule for later, or skip. You lose points if you fail to take action within a limited period, so it is easy, but also a fun trick that can help you reply faster to messages and more effectively.

3 Clean email

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If you are receiving a ton of unwanted emails, such as newsletters, spam, and promotions, this is a great tool to help manage all of that. It helps you deal with your subscriptions by allowing you to see them all in one place, so you can opt-out of anything without having to search for it individually. enables you to unsubscribe to as many newsletters and promotions as you want all at once and it protects you from any emails that seem untrustworthy, by allowing you them to immediately mark them as spam. It is also available as a mobile app, so you can use it anytime you want wherever you are.

2 Sortd

This tool ensures that nothing important gets lost by allowing you to sort your messages by lists like to-dos, reply later, follow-ups, and more. It also creates a workspace where all conversations, priorities, and to-dos are available and with a simple drag-and-drop, you can prioritize all your emails quickly and efficiently.

1 SalesHandy

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It offers several features that are extremely beneficial. Some of them include tracking and scheduling, sending mass email campaigns with automated follow-ups, document tracking, email template creation, and detailed analytics. The tool also provides desktop notifications, so you do not have to constantly check your inbox.


These management tools can help you unclutter your inbox, prioritize your workflow, and get rid of email overload. They allow you to spend less time on emails without negatively affecting your client or colleague communication. By using them you are not only organizing everything more efficiently but also ensuring that your entire email experience is more productive and less stressful.