Discord is one of the most popular and widespread chat platforms in the video game community. It is a very modern looking and lighthearted approach to game chatting, which has been adopted by gamers across the globe with open arms thanks to the customizable nature, simple UI, compatibility, and support. Personal Discord servers can be used for other things as well, however, as you can add special bots to enhance the functionalities. There are multiple fun features you can use, so here is a list of some of the best ones currently available, in no particular order.


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We will start the list with a customizable multipurpose bot you can use for images, logs, social commands, music, reactions, and moderation, as well as many other things. ProBot has a welcome feature that welcomes users with different designs. The anti-raid protection is there to detect and respond to raid behavior, while the autoresponder responds to trigger words when they are used. Uptime of this bot is 99.99%, and auto-moderation is also available. Best of all, the bot is multilingual and has languages like Arabic and Turkish, aside from English. At the moment, it is present on 92063 servers and has 2,528,634 users. Around 50 commands are available.

4Dank Memer

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Dank Memer is a unique bot centered around the ultra-popular Internet meme culture. The bot can do everything the other average bots do, but much better thanks to the sassy memes. It is a meme, music, currency, moderation, and image bot all in one, as well as many other things. It offers more than 260 commands, a number that is constantly growing. The bot was developed through JavaScript in 2016 by Melmsie. It all started with three commands, !meme, !trigger, and Cleverbot, and it was first called Markos.


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This sounds familiar, right? Of course, it does, since it is made to look like the beloved Pokémon games. In this bot, you are able to catch, battle, and collect different Pokémon, just like in the real games. The cute and scary Pokémon appear randomly on the servers, after which the users can catch and train them, before battling each other. Trading is also possible! You simply need to add the bot to your server to use it. Pokémon can level up and earn XP, while you can also spend credits in the shop. Gotta catch ‘em all!


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Dyno is another fantastic and fully customizable Discord bot you can add to your server. It utilizes a simple and intuitive web dashboard that offers many different features, including moderation with timed mutes and bans, anti-spam, auto moderation, role management, custom commands, music player with playlists, and DJs. There are also announcements, ranks, AFK statuses, reminders, and more. All of these features will significantly simplify the management of your server and provide many useful and interesting features for your members.


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Café is a cookie clicker idle game that has an interesting dashboard and even a multiplayer leaderboard. The game contains more than 30 items and unique upgrades, and you can play with friends through different factions. This is a free, feature-rich discord game bot, which will bring fun and relaxation to your server. You can also use it from a mobile device, and the game can even continue when you are not present. Lastly, the bot also offers advanced permissions, an invite code system, and a comprehensive log.