The online marketing competition doesn’t sleep, so you need to be efficient with your actions. Making your presence on different social platforms is a tough task to start with. Still, for getting concrete results, you need a proven strategy. People tend to overlook what posts, videos, shares, and above all, likes can mean on a social platform like Instagram. The sooner one recognizes this opportunity the better they will prepare for the campaign and start putting ideas into actions. But why must you do so? Here are five reasons why Instagram likes matter.


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Building credibility is a process everyone has to go through in real life and the same rules apply for social platforms. As in any business, credibility matters, and it speaks volumes for you, your product, brand, and company to potential consumers without saying a word. The number of likes is the defining pint of your credibility on Instagram or other social networks. Your words start to have more meaning, your product more value, and your brand benefits from the procedure. Such a simple but simultaneously demanding task of gathering a large number of likes can help you shape the perception of your potential future consumers.

4Increases the number of Followers

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Getting attention on social platforms is hard, but maintaining it on a high level and increasing it requires knowledge. The knowledge that your followers will instantly recognize on Instagram through the number of likes, and entertaining content, that they will value. The number of followers will automatically rise with the number of likes you get. Loyal followers represent your valuable user base that allows your brand or product to grow continuously. You can check this to consider increasing the number of likes naturally, and consequently, spreading the word of your brand.

3Reach Broad Audience

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Using Instagram with a lot of likes on your account allows you to reach a broad audience with minimum effort. Different groups of potential consumers that might once be unreachable are now yours for the taking.  More likes in the eyes of a broad audience are translated into a subconscious wish to be a part of the “winning side.” You will then be able to get information about different groups of consumers and their demands for a product of your brand.

2Increased Website Visits

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Considering the number of your likes which continues to grow, your followers will automatically be more interested in the content and offer of your website. Increasing the number of visits to your website is a massive plus for any online business and a target for everyone. The stats show that only 20% of visitors represent future customers on your website, and the need for increasing the number of visits is of immeasurable significance.

1Boosts Revenue

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The final and most significant benefit of having a large number of likes on your account is boosting your revenue. This comes as a consequence of hard work. Everyone is trying to generate more income today through social platforms but how efficient you are is what makes you different.


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