When a new weapon system was implemented in Destiny 2, a lot of things changed for players worldwide. The changes where in a way liberating for the users because the developers added extra inventory space, hence, you can not set a sniper rifle into the primary spot while placing your best knife into the energy holster. Well, if you are interested in getting the best legendary and exotic weapons in this game, you are reading the right article. In the text below, you can learn what the top 4 weapons are in Destiny 2, as well as some characteristics that the weapons have. Let’s take a closer look:

4Rat King

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Category: Gun

Rarity: Exotic

Source: Completing the Rat King Quest

Although it is quite difficult to unlock this weapon you will be quite happy with what it can do. It is a perfect sidearm, has a quick-firing rate, and it is incredibly stable. If you kill your enemy with it and quickly hit the reload button, you will become temporarily invisible which can be quite useful when you find yourself in a raid.

3Origin Story

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Category: Rifle

Rarity: Legendary

Source: Turn in Reputation tokens in the Tower

This is a really good gun to have, especially if you need to free an Exotic slot for a different weapon. It is a reliable auto rifle with minimal recoil and excellent range, which makes it perfect for defeating enemies and Crucible. When you notch kills, you will get a damage boost that can go up to three times. If you need to eliminate several enemies at once, you can do so with this gun. Check this website out if you want to buy Destiny 2 best weapons.


img source: forbes.com

Category: Gun

Rarity: Exotic

Source: A Powerful Milestone Reward or an Exotic Engram

If you want a unique and powerful exotic gun, with a wide range of benefits that make it stand out from the crowd, you should opt for this gun. Banned weapons give this gun a hand cannot, three-round burst, and the gun will heal you every time you kill an enemy. If you are precise, you will get more ammunition in your magazine which is kind of ridiculous, but it works well for most players. And with all the benefits coming with this gun, it is great for both out and in the Crucible.

1The Recluse

img source: futurecdn.net

Category: SMG

Rarity: Legendary

Source: Completing the From the Mouths of Babes Quest

Since it is a pinnacle weapon in Destiny 2, it is a bit tough to get this weapon. However, even though it is difficult to get this weapon, you will not regret chasing after it since it is one of the best guns in the entire game. The gun is placed into the secondary holster, so you will be able to pair it with Austringer. You should use this weapon when you are close to your enemies since it will melt them away when they approach.

Now that you know which weapons you can take in and out the Crucible, do not waste any more time and start searching and completing quests in order to find these incredible weapons.


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