Have you ever been to a party, night club or in the bar and just see someone carry themselves so proud and wonder why you do not have that kind of confidence? Well, don’t. Self-esteem is not something you are born with. It is something you need to build. So, next time you see someone with amazing, self-confident energy, that means they have worked on it to reach those levels. That process might have taken them days, months, or even years. What I am trying to tell you is that anyone can reach a certain level of confidence if you work for it, you can’t just expect it to come to you magically.

While the human mind does work in a mysterious, positive, and negative way, always complimenting or judging us, there are ways to improve your critiquing habits. If you want to achieve a better self and improve the way you carry yourself, here are some of the top ways you should consider doing.

4How does the perfect YOU look like?

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While being perfect is something impossible to achieve because simply, no one is perfect. However, we can work on ourselves to get closer to that “perfect” image of ourselves that we have. The first step to getting out of the constant loop of low self-esteem is to understand what you want out of yourselves. So, try spending some time of the day by visualizing yourself as a better self.

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3Do the things you always avoid

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Another mistake a lot of people do is avoid things they are scared of. Instead of facing the problems head-on, they delay the issues or completely avoid it and don’t think about it. This is not how issues are solved in the real world, and this is exactly what causes reduced self-esteem. So, if you want to make a change in your life, then start to do the things you have always avoided. Did you want to talk to that girl, but are afraid of rejection? Did you want to ask your boss about a raise, but do not want to face denial? Well, next time, go with your impulse. Do not overthink the things you want to do; just do it.

2Give yourself some attention

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Self-confidence is not just about what goes in our head; emotionally, it is also the health of our body and brain. If you want to feel good, then you will have to satisfy your body, so it feels good too. Start eating fruits and vegetables, add vitamins into your diet, get out in the sun more, have some fresh air walks, and all the other feel-good activities or changes you could do. By doing this, you will have a healthier body that will be able to supplement your brain with enough resources so it can release all the needed chemicals to make you feel good.

1Your inner-critic is not always in the right

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Every single one of us has that one voice in our heads that is constantly judging whether we have done something right or wrong. However, you need to understand that the critique you are giving yourself is not always true, so try ignoring it and give yourself some positive reinforcement.


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