The process of creating an email marketing strategy can often be an overwhelming and time-consuming thing, however, there are some email marketing strategies that you should know about, as well as implement. If you are looking for email marketing strategies to use in 2020, this article will tell you all about them, as well as why they are important. Let’s take a look at the best email marketing strategies for next year:

4Personalization Will be Everything

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Look at it this way, would you be interested in getting emails that are related to cars, but you do not need a car since you cannot drive? If your answer is no you might now understand why getting personalized emails is one of the most important things to do. After all, 33 percent of consumers unsubscribe from a newsletter because the businesses offer them content that they do not want to see. Hence, if you want to connect with your consumers, sending them personalized content is one of the most important things you could do. By using various tools, you can track what your consumers do online. And by using the data you have gathered, you can create an email marketing strategy that is entirely personalized, so you will be able to boost sales, as well as your consumers’ loyalty in your brand.

3Data Privacy Will be Even More Important

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In the era of technology, hackers, and data theft, a lot of individuals do not feel comfortable with sharing their personal information with different companies. This is mostly because they are worried about what the company will use the data for. And that is why data privacy will be even more important in 2020.

2Email Verification

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If you have noticed that your sales are down or on the same level, that your click-through rate is low, and that your customers are not engaging with you, you might want to get an email verification tool. According to the experts from The Checker, this tool will process your email list, as well as provide you with a list of emails that are either misspelled or invalid, hence, you will be able to remove them from your email list. So, you will be left with the emails provided by people who actually want to receive your newsletter.


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Nowadays, people use their phones for a lot of things and while they might forget their wallets at home, they take their phones everywhere. Also, with a new year, comes new technology, hence, people might use their phones even more in 2020. It will be extremely important that your emails are mobile-friendly, which means that they can be easily accessed through a smartphone device, without lags, long loading times, and messed up text. People do not want to wait for more than 5 to 10 seconds for an email to load and they will simply delete it. Hence, when thinking about a new email marketing strategy for 2020, make sure that you implement this one.


The four email marketing strategies from this list will be extremely important in 2020. Hence, since 2020 is only two months away, do not waste any more time and start thinking about what email marketing strategy or strategies you want to implement next year!