It has always been challenging to describe Las Vegas in only a few sentences. Some people will tell you it is some heaven on earth. Anyway, it is one of the most attractive destinations on the planet. There you can see everything, from unforgettable views to giant buildings and fancy cars. Yet, the main reason why people want to visit Vegas is – casinos.

The enthusiasts from all parts of the world come here to try to become rich. There are 166 casinos in Clark County, Nevada, and 39 of them are located in the Las Vegas Strip area. Each casino has its advantages, and it is hard to decide which one you should visit first. That is the reason why we want to highlight 10 of them that will ensure you some unforgettable moments.

10Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel


This casino is a perfect choice for old-fashioned people that are looking to feel the spirit of the good all times. The name of this casino-hotel comes from the former owner – Benny Binion. It started to work in 1951, and that is probably one of the reasons why this is a lonely place.

Benny Binion sold the casino to one of his gamblers – Joe Brown. Since then, Brown installed a display on the casino’s floor. After a few years, the floor was recreated and became the casino’s biggest attraction.

Older generations will be able to remind themselves of their youth because of the classic gambling machines.

P.S. First World Series of Poker was held in this casino.

9The Mirage


There are several reasons why The Mirage deserves to be on this list. First of all, this casino-hotel is connected to Treasure Island by a tram. In front of the casino, there is a marquee. It is one of the most significant free-standing marquees in the world.

It started with work in 1989, and the entire casino was made with money from Wall Street junk bonds. The value of the hotel is 630 million dollars because of construction that contains a lot of gold.

Many boxing events were organized here. For instance, the match between Freddie Pendleton and Felix Trinidad is one of the most attractive events that were organized in this place.

8Treasure Island


The first plan that owners had was to make an additional tower to The Mirage. Still, that plan didn’t work in the end, and we got a completely new casino.

Primarily, this casino was planned to be designed in a pirate style that goes with a marquee full of crossbones and skulls. Yet, 16 years ago, the casino’s design was improved to a more adult-friendly version. For instance, now it comes with a night bar, hot tub, modern slot machines, etc.

7Hard Rock Hotel & Casino


The total gaming space of this casino is 2800 square meters big. In this space, you can find different attractive things such as cocktail lounges, shops, nightclubs, and six restaurants. Besides that, it has a music venue, a poker room, a Tahiti-style beach, etc.

Logically, this is a place for people that are fans of rock music. Many different bands have performed here, such as The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, etc. However, every Sunday, this hotel-casino organizes a big daytime pool party where many famous DJs play music.

6Caesars Palace


This place was primarily a small motel. Still, in 1962, the motel-owner came up with an idea to design the entire resort in a Roman Style. That is the reason why today we have a large casino-hotel with 15 500 squares of gaming space.

The first thing that you will see is water landscapes and fountains. The design will evoke the feeling of royalty and get you back in time that we could only hear about in history books. However, the owners did not stop there. You will also be able to find a replica of the Colosseum. This building can host around 4500 people.

5The Stratosphere Casino


We already said that unforgivable views are something you can expect in Vegas. Well, this hotel and tower will assure you that because it is 350 meters tall. Still, the casino is located in a separate building, which is considered as the tallest structure in Las Vegas.

The size of the casino is 7400 square meters. It contains different entertainment such as 50 different table games, slot machines, around 1500 video poker machines, etc.

4Mandalay Bay


Well, this casino is a bit different from the previous ones from our list because of its style. It is designed in South-East Asian recognizable way. It is named after the capital of Burma – Mandalay.

The entire resort is 93000 square meters big. It contains ballrooms, shopping mall, 25 restaurants, bars, etc. Still, there are two things that most people want to visit first. It has a giant shark reef aquarium and so-called Mandalay Beach that is 4.5-hectares big.

3The Palms


This casino is located on Flamingo Road, near the Las Vegas Strip. The design of the entire resort is entirely different from the Binion’s. The style is neo-retro and modern (something similar to Hard Rock).

The entire resort is 8800 square meters big, and it contains three giant buildings. You will find a popular Michelin restaurant, recording studio, and the Pearl concert theater there. The theater can host around 2500 people.

The casino itself has the newest table games, and they are trying to become sort of trendsetters.



This casino has the same owners as Mandalay Bay Casino. Still, the theme of the entire resort is not the same. The design is inspired by the Bellagio city, a small lake town in Italy.

The 10800-square meter gaming space offers you different sorts of entertainment. Still, this place is mostly famous for poker players. Many professional poker players play there. That’s why some of them like to call this casino-hotel “The Office.” The main reason why this place is attractive for poker players is – high table limit. However, you will also find gaming slots, table games, etc.

1New York – New York


Don’t worry; this casino is also located in Las Vegas. However, New York had a significant impact on the design of this building. More precisely, this place remains on the old New York style. You will see replicas of the Empire State Building and 45-meter-tall Statue of Liberty that will confirm this statement.

There are many gambling areas, shops, and restaurants. Each area is named by some neighborhood in NY City, which makes this place even more enjoyable.

So, what’s your opinion? Which of these casinos sounds like an exciting place for visiting? If Las Vegas is a bit too far away, maybe try checking out this website for a good place to learn where and how you can bet online.