Preparation is one of the hallmarks of a well-seasoned traveler, enabling vacationers to get the best bang for their buck and foresee potential disasters from a mile away. Luckily, 21st-century tech and innovations streamline adventuring, allowing forward-thinking excursionists to explore the world hassle-free.

Between smartphone-enabled money transfer apps, portable WiFi spots, and robotic, hands-free luggage, digital resources like PCTechGuide have pointed out that travel technologies and tools make touring foreign lands a breeze. Read on for an inside look into top-rated equipment for travel enthusiasts.

1. Combination backup battery charger


For tech-savvy travelers, having backup chargers for all of your electronics is a must. Smartphones and tablets are excellent resources for touchless payments, hotel keys, and locating hot spots. However, depleted batteries can throw a wrench in your plans, leaving you stranded without direct lines of communication.

By investing in a portable combination battery pack, you can ensure your devices remain at full power throughout the day— even after hours of use.

2. Universal power adapter

An often overlooked essential for foreign travelers is a universal power adapter. Ports vary by country, leaving many inexperienced vacationers frazzled when they can’t charge or plug-in devices. Fortunately, universal adapters are relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire, so make sure you get your hands on one before jetting off.

3. Hard-sided luggage

Though a soft-sided bag with convenient external pockets may be your go-to, frequent flyers may want to consider switching to a more durable option for prolonged use. Hard-sided luggage is more stable than its counterpart, keeping any fragile or easily squished items safe and sound.

4. Crossbody travel bag


Unfortunately, many tourists find themselves, victims of pickpockets, while traveling the globe, leaving them in a potentially sticky situation. However, keeping your valuable belongings in a front-facing crossbody travel bag can reduce the risk of theft. While no bag is pickpocket-proof, a crossbody bag can make you less likely to become a target.

The best travel bags are lightweight and compact, perfect for carrying smaller travel essentials and gear. For comfortable all-day wear, the bag should connect with the body just above the hip to allow easy access to the contents.

5. Walking shoes

Few things can ruin a great trip as thoroughly as wearing uncomfortable shoes. Constantly walking on blisters and dealing with painful calluses can sour anyone’s mood, leaving them with painful sores for the remainder of their travels.

Thankfully, proper walking shoes support your insoles and cushion the feet, allowing for lengthy treks through cities. However, if you’re hiking off-road and on rugged surfaces, you may want to invest in a pair of lightweight, durable hiking boots to protect your feet like exploring the outside world.

6. Inflatable solar light

Forward-thinking travelers can use solar power by investing in inflatable solar lights and utilizing an excellent renewable energy source while vacationing. Made of durable plastic that is entirely waterproof, these packs fold flat for easy storage.

If your plans take you off the beaten path, inflatable solar lighting is an accessible solution that’s ready to go in just a few breaths. Solar lights can also provide up to 16 hours of luminosity with a 10-12 hour charge.

7. Off-grid communication device


Safe travel in the backcountry or remote locations requires an off-grid communication device in the event of an emergency, like group separation or injury. While remote travel is an attractive prospect in our digitized world, allowing travelers to disconnect with electronics and reconnect with nature, accidents can and do occur.

Secluded locations rarely include access to WiFi or cell phone service, which can place lives and well-being at risk. Off-grid communication devices include satellite phones, bypassing cellular tech to operate, and a personal locator beacon, sending a distress signal to surrounding areas.

For a more compact solution, you can opt for a satellite communication device for accessible two-way emergency communication.

8. Portable wifi hotspot

Though logging offline and enjoying your surroundings is a beautiful part of adventuring, most people need WiFi capabilities during some portion of their travels. Though you can tap into public hotspots if available, you run the risk of cyber attackers latching onto your unsecured network.

Thankfully, you can use a portable or mobile hotspot with a VPN to stay connected and protected. That way, you can stay out on the town without worrying about excessive roaming charges, hackers, and poor connections.

Additionally, you can rent routers to reduce the cost, utilize pay-as-you-go contracts, or purchase a unit outright for multiple uses. Just be aware that prices can be steep, ranging anywhere from $70-$400 depending on preferred bandwidth.

9. Avoid cotton fabrics

Though the following tool is more of a tip, the truth of the matter still stands: cotton fabrics are a no-go for long vacations. Though cotton is comfortable and easy to care for, it may not be the best choice for traveling on the go due to extended drying times. Plus, cotton fabrics often wrinkle easily and soak moisture, leaving you with a potentially sweaty mess.

Thankfully, synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon work well for traveling as they dry quickly and pull sweat away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable while exploring.

10. Ziploc bags


Ziploc bags are a tool with a thousand different uses for savvy travelers. While packing, these bags are an excellent place to store toiletries and delicates. You can pack a day’s worth of clothes in one large baggie or pack craft and activity kits for children (and adults).

While traveling, Ziploc bags can be a barrier between dirty shoes, clean clothes, and other items, ensuring your clean clothes stay fresh for extended periods. They can also help keep sensitive electronics, like a camera or other gadgets, safe when packed alongside damp or dirty clothing and shoes.

Wrap up

Being prepared with the necessary supplies at the onset of your trip will make the adventure a more pleasant experience. If traveling outside the country, do your research before leaving home, purchasing any last-minute items that can reduce stress once you hit the road.