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NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme that exists in our body cells, playing a crucial role in hundreds of chemical processes. Chief among these processes is metabolism, or the conversion of food to energy, which fuels the cell’s activities. It also plays a significant role in the restructuring and repair of damaged cells. NAD exists in two forms, NAD+ which is the oxidized form, and NADH, the reduced form.

Since its discovery in 1906, scientists have continued to uncover new areas where it is essential to improving health. The field of naturopathic medicine has especially embraced NAD, with many clinics offering NAD+ IV therapy. This therapy is designed to address a myriad of health issues but also to promote optimal body wellness and performance. In this article, experts from share everything you need to know about NAD.

NAD+ Uses

1. NAD+ wards off the effects of aging

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Our cells contain enzymes called sirtuins that play a significant role in guarding against inflammation and protecting DNA, especially during the aging process. These sirtuins rely on NAD to do this. Science has shown that NAD+ reserves in our body decrease with age. When NAD reserves are insufficient, aging happens that much faster.  It also helps to slow down the breaking down of blood vessels, which can affect the flow of blood to different organs, which can lead to vascular aging. Taking regular NAD+ treatments boosts NAD+ levels in the body, ensuring that processes run efficiently.

2. NAD+ improves skin health

It is no coincidence that skin creams and oils available in the market contain niacin (vitamin B3) as a critical ingredient. This is because Vitamin B3 is a NAD precursor, which means that it is converted to NAD in the body.  Niacin deficiency has been seen to accelerate the death of skin cells, blemishes, and freckles stemming from DNA damage and, in some cases, skin cancer. Taking IV therapy infused with NAD and Vitamin B3 can help arrest these problems from within, resulting in healthy, glowing skin.

3. NAD+ boosts cognitive function

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We have already established that NAD powers the function of cells by helping them convert food to energy. This is true for brain cells as well, where it protects neurons against toxicity and damage. It also boosts the creation of new mitochondria, which is important for dealing with any arising metabolic changes as well as maintaining mitochondrial health. When the brain cells are healthy and functioning at optimum, you can think, concentrate reason, and have better mental clarity.

4. NAD+ boosts metabolism and general wellness

Studies have shown that a decline in NAD levels leads to the development of various metabolic disorders such as diabetes and fatty liver disease. It plays a critical role in regulation in the proper functioning of energy metabolism pathways. In our body cells, these pathways are crucial in balancing energy use and storage. When the balance is off, metabolic disorders can occur. The levels of NAD in the body directly impacts metabolic enzyme activity. NAD+ IV therapy can boost metabolism by increasing the levels of NAD in the body.

NAD+ Side Effects

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NAD+ is used widely to treat a variety of conditions. Like any other medication, NAD IV therapy should be administered by a trained physician. If given in the correct dosage, it should not have any adverse side effects.

Some potential side effects to look out for include:

  • When delivered by IV therapy, one can experience redness at the injection site, mild pain, or swelling.
  • If NAD+ is used in excess, some likely side effects include insomnia, anxiety, jitters, and nausea.

NAD+ Interactions

Currently, no comprehensive studies are showing how NAD may interact with other medications. For people taking prescription medicine, it is important to discuss with your doctor before you start on NAD+ IV therapy.

That said, since research on the effects of NAD is still ongoing, this therapy should not be administered to expectant women or nursing mothers, children, or anyone undergoing cancer treatment.

NAD+ Dosage

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If you are thinking of NAD+ IV therapy, the dosage you will get will depend mainly on what you are looking to achieve from the treatment.

When you come to LIVV Natural Health, our naturopathic specialist will offer you a consultation session during which we will establish your needs and design a protocol.

We offer several dosage options for NAD+, such as 200mg, 400mg, and 600mg.

Typically, one session of NAD+IV therapy sessions can last anywhere between 3-4 hours. Depending on your specific situation, your treatment can require as little as three sessions or as many as twelve.

Our IV lounge is designed for utmost relaxation, keeping in mind that you might have to be there for several hours per day.

NAD+ Wrap Up

NAD+ IV therapy is essential not only for treating a specific condition but also for keeping your body performing optimally. Administering it via IV is advantageous as this ensures a 100% absorption rate since it is delivered right into the bloodstream.  This allows your body to start using it immediately, making you feel better within no time.

It is also possible to infuse NAD+ therapy with essential vitamins to make it more effective.

If you are looking to boost your cognitive function, fight to age, and improve your skin, then you might want to consider NAD+ IV therapy at our San Diego Clinic.