No matter how intelligent you think you are, it will always be hard to parse out what someone sitting across from you desires in a relationship. What women want in a relationship is often hard to predict. Some may say, why not ask the woman you love what she wants? But, it is never going to be that simple, is it? Even experts do not seem to have the same opinions when it comes to pleasing the woman of your dreams. Online dating sites bring you close to women and provide you with a platform to find an answer by yourself, but even if you check grindr reviews or refer to other sites, you will still have many unanswered questions.

While the true preferences of women may vary greatly, certain things may remain common. For instance, they want you to:

1. Be an Empathetic Listener


You have to be intuitive and learn how to give undivided attention to your partner to make her love you more. You just cannot hope to get a better idea if you are not willing to listen to what she has to say. It basically means it is not enough to sit there and watch her talk. Be more intuitive and learn to follow the rhythm of your discussion.

2. Be Honest in Communication

Keeping an open line of communication all the time and being honest with what you feel would help you identify what she truly desires. Learn the art of “consciously” communicating with your partner and say you love her or else it will cause problems in terms of conflict, intimacy, and relational growth.

3. Encourage Her


Women, like everyone, have dreams, and they want their partners to encourage them to follow those dreams. She is never going to be happy if she has to compromise on her hobbies or career to make time for you. She hopes you would encourage her to do whatever she can to fulfill her dreams. Making her feel deprived or forcing her to live with disappointment would lead to a disaster. Do not being judgmental and be always there for her.

4. Know the Nuances of Consent

What a woman does not want is a man who makes her feel vulnerable and unsafe. Therefore, it makes great sense to teach you all the basics of enthusiastic consent. It puts you in a better position to revisit and explore the boundaries of your intimate relationship with her. Be prepared to have long, meaningful conversations to determine what you and your partner are comfortable with or what piques your interest. Never clam up as soon as you experience any confusion. Give it time, and everything will fall into place.

5. Value Their Personal Space


Do not take her for granted, for one. Women hate when you think you own them. They may consciously decide to give you and that relationship more time. Being partners does not mean you are obligated to do everything together. Understand that giving your partner some personal space does not mean your relationship is headed towards an end. Women should be treated as individuals with their own personal interests. Letting her spend some time outside of the relationship, be it a side project, hobby, or a group of friends, would do wonders to your relationship.

6. Accept Your Mistakes

Being defensive is deeply human, but too much of that emotion is not bearable for women. They cannot seem to tolerate when their partner is always on guard, constantly looking for an opportunity to pounce into a defensive communication mode. Your defensiveness can so easily get in the way of empathizing with your lady. To overcome it, men need to be more self-aware and realize where it is coming from.

7. Help Around the House


Even though women like to have full control of home affairs, they love getting some help handling certain chores. Sometimes, it feels great to take the backseat and let someone else make decisions. The same holds for women who do not always want to take sole responsibility for the house. Men need to contribute to making that space they call home more beautiful and worth living.

8. Feel Sexually Desired

While they do not want their relationship to revolve only around sex, they love feeling sexually desired by their partner. Understand that sex is important, as it sets your relationship with your partner apart from every other relationship in your life. Make your partner feel sexually desired and appreciate as a feminine, sexual being. No need to behave like a pervert but sometimes, praise her body and simply hold her appreciatively can do wonders for the longevity of your relationship.

9. Feel Excited about the Relationship


Taking your relationship for granted can make everything boring and dull. Women want their partners to think out of the box and bring some excitement and adventure into the relationship. Of course, that needs to be done in safe and comfortable ways. Let them feel free to challenge your perspectives and share their own as well. Do not be an introvert and open yourself up to new things and ways of thinking. Women desire intellectual stimulation as well, as it is a way to keep the relationship exciting and dynamic.

10. Have Some Humor in Life

Essentially, they desire a combination of humor and humility. Guys who are always a little too serious about everything in life fail to have a satisfying relationship. Of course, you should not go overboard and crack jokes all the time in an effort to entertain your partner. Just learn to laugh at yourself along with your partner to have a fulfilling connection.

11. Be with Someone Trustworthy


There are no guarantees in life, and things can get messy easily. It is natural for a woman to look for a man who would always be there for her. She wants someone she can count on in unavoidable difficulties. Men who fall apart under pressure are never top priorities of women. Women want you to be there and never hide when life gets a bit “too emotional.” When a guy promises something and fails, her partner loses a piece of trust in her. Sometimes, seemingly small things are enough to break that trust. Do not let small transgressions make her distrust you for long-lasting happiness.

12. Be Challenged

Do not take it wrong, though, and go for “challenges” that only make your relationship constant work. Go for the good kind that motivates you and your partner to do better in life and achieve what they desire. Experts believe that women want to be in a relationship where both partners prod each other to meet whatever goals they have set for themselves.

13. Be More Forgiving

To err is human, and you should have a forgiving nature to help your partner grow as an individual. Mood swings are common for women, but learn to forgive even when they have been hurtful with their words. They do not want you to assume anything right off the bat without hearing their version.

Above all, women just cannot appreciate a guy who is not honest with them. No matter how caring you are, do not expect her to forgive and forget about your dishonesty or infidelity. Being dishonest, even occasionally, would make her lose trust in you, which can be devastating for any relationship.