Las Vegas is the most populated metropolitan in Nevada and the 26th most populated city in the US. It is a significant town with an international reputation for gambling, retail, fancy restaurants, music, and nightclubs. It promotes itself as the “Planet’s Entertainment Center” and is known for its massive casino-hotels and allied sectors.

However, many who are unfamiliar with Las Vegas or have only seen it in movies and television shows believe that it is all about gambling. But it is certainly not true. There are other activities and destinations that one can do and enjoy to have a great time.

Gambling is just one of the lovely aspects of the city. Click here for one such tremendous experience.

While winning the prize may seem enticing to some, those who do not enjoy casinos can find lots of other thrilling activities and fascinating galleries in Las Vegas. Many resorts in Vegas are near amusement parks, where you may spend your days riding gravity-defying thrill rides, playing pinball machines, and seeing exciting theatrical acts.

Try driving away from The Strip and Las Vegas Avenue to see extensive valleys and recreation areas, which are perfect for outdoor adventures. You may also visit deserted villages and gold mines that date back to the 18th century. The options are many, all you need is time to explore the city.

Let us look at 5 best things that one can do in Vegas other than gambling.

1. High Roller


The tallest observation wheel in North America will take you 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. Take a whirl and prepare to be astonished. The wheel, which has breath-taking 360º vistas and 28 large pods, takes half an hour to complete one full circle and offers panoramic views of the whole city. One pod accommodates at most 40 men and women.

The wheel is deemed as one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world. Well, it is. The height of 550 feet above the sea level is no less. Also, it is the best way to relive your childhood once again. You get to witness the madness of the most innocent phase of your life for thirty minutes without any cheap thrills. It is adrenaline in a pure sense.

2. Fremont Street


The ancient Las Vegas Strip was located on Fremont Street. It’s become a cheesy tourist trap, yet it’s entertaining. Fremont Roadway is a pedestrianized street with a zip line going over it. There are several pubs and numerous historic nightclubs. It is also referred to as Glitter Gulch because of the twinkling lights and energetic ambiance.

The Neon Museum here offers excursions to the Neon Junkyard, which houses an astonishing array of retiring neon lights, many of which are from long-gone city casino sites. You get to rub Happy Buddha’s belly, play Keno at the world’s largest Keno Board, explore the underworld area at Mob Museum, not to forget the Golden Gate, the stellar Vegas Vic, and last but not the least, the Shark Tank at Golden Nugget.

3. Adventuredome Theme Park


The interior carnival rides, comedy performances, vintage adventures, and 4D cinemas delight people. The Canyon Blaster Ferris wheel, which doubles circles and corkscrews at up to 55 miles per hour, the Splitter, which tosses you upturned at incredible velocities, and Disk’O, which mixes swaying and whirling movements, are among the most exhilarating attractions at the tourist spot.

Just because it’s a theme park doesn’t mean it’s only for kids and teenagers. Adults and even children may receive a good value for their money here. There are activities for the entire family, with something for everyone. The theatrical experience of cartoon caricatures such as Ice Age in 4D is available to kids. Adults may put their tolerance and heart rates to the test on these amazing swings.

4. Grand Canyon


This one is no surprise. Perhaps, it is the first thing you must do when you visit Vegas.

The prime reason is it is the only one in the whole world. The amusement parks and casinos can have several branches at different places across the planet, but the Grand Canyon is the only visiting space in that manner. When you visit there, you will explore peace like never before.

It is just a 5-hour drive from the city and through the way you witness some magnificent picturesque that not just pleases your eyes but also calms your mind and serves content to your soul. You can get down to the rocks and explore them more intimately.

5. Container Park


It is not like that you’re going to Vegas and not visiting the most exquisite shopping site there. Container Park is an apt spot for shopping enthusiasts and even if you are not who loves shopping, other options can fill up your time.

From marvelous speedy service cuisine at Downtown Terrace to beef jerky at JoJo’s Jerky.

The Treehouse immersive playroom will delight children, while grownups may unwind while watching musical performances, films, and other events on the big stage.

Bonus Spot

Eldorado Canyon

You may visit deserted mineral wealth and shadow villages in Eldorado Canyon, which is 46 miles south of Las Vegas. It dates from the mid-nineteenth century, and numerous original items of heavy machinery may be discovered throughout the caves. If you are an outdoor person or who has an interest in exploring history, then you must not skip this one.

The Parting Words

It is a lot of fun to be in Las Vegas. There are some things you must accomplish that are special. Visiting tourist attractions alone does not guarantee a meaningful experience. It is a different high to explore the area on your feet. Traveling is about much more than checking off items on a bucket list. And, in particular, Vegas, which allows you to fill your pockets at the casinos while also filling your soul outdoors. It is entirely up to you to decide which medication to take.